The Liberty Option


The Liberty Option is the first documentary film by popular youtuber Fabian4Liberty, Fabian Calvo. The Liberty Option examines today's destruction of our Republic at the hands of crazed criminal bankers and politicians. The son of immigrant parents who fled the tyranny of communist Cuba, Fabian discusses growing up seeing his parents live the American Dream. Now a father of two small children, he refuses to accept the role of complacent bystander in a country descending into central planning and TSA checkpoints.

The Liberty Option brings together a diverse cast of interviews, including Florida representative Jim Frische, the Mogambo Guru Richard Daughty, and the head of the Tampa Bay CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations). This hard hitting 32 minute film emphasizes the economic and individual liberties that were once a fabric of the American Republic are being torn apart at the hands of a small group of elites, hell bent on the creation of a new 21st feudal system.

The Liberty Option examines the deregulation of Wall Street, Washington’s Lobby Culture, foreign wars, and the continued slip into an American police state. The film reminds us that our sacred Constitutional Republic is worth fighting for, and that “We the People” can defeat a small band of ego driven central planners.