Microsoft is in Secular Decline

Today, we get yet another piece of evidence that Google is going for Microsoft's jugular.  Last week it was Pittsburgh choosing Google Apps for the 25% cost savings over Microsoft, today it is BBVA signing Google's biggest Enterprise deal to date.

From Bloomberg

Google, grappling with slowing growth from its traditional online advertising business, is stepping up competition with Microsoft by selling business software as an alternative to Office programs. Google’s programs are accessed through the Web, just as its search engine is. Spanish companies such as BBVA, based in the northern city of Bilbao, need to cut costs and improve productivity amid a weakening economy with the highest unemployment rate in the European Union.

Customers at average often save about 50 to 70 percent compared to their previous software solutions..

These employees will be working off of Chromebooks.  So, despite all the noise around Ultrabooks this week at CES... Intel is not going to reinvent itself to compete with Apple or Google.  Its pretty straightforward Macs and Chromebooks are going to be the future.

From my previous post:

Let’s start with Microsoft (Missed Search Fone Tablet).  I could actually end it there, but I’ll go on.

I do not believe a company that has missed every major trend in technology over the last five years is going to magically turn it around with Windows Mobile/Nokia.  They have a cash cow (Windows) and over 50% of their revenue recurring with little competition.  There hasn’t been a credible alternative for large IT departments up until now.  I listen to all the valuation arguments on MSFT, and I get it.  But where do they fit into the picture 5 years from now?  Given the rapid nature of change in IT – I think it’s dramatically different than today.