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In the summer of 2008, Freedom turned me on to King World News (KWN), thank you Eric King and guests. Within a few weeks of listening I began to reposition assets, gold was selling for around $950 an ounce, silver at about $15. I was so compelled by the story I not only began to move my money around, with the help of an old friend and now neighbor (chance relocated two guys who hadn’t talked in years, from a small central Pennsylvania borough to the same block in the Philadelphia burbs) started The Victory Report (TVR). Thanks Marcus. TVR was intended to provide observations and raise awareness of the end of the great Keynesian experiment to a couple of close friends.


Thank You

Since the end of April, TVR traffic has risen steadily and tonight topped 50K.

Thanks to everyone who has appreciated my efforts and mania.


Currency Wars

This also seems like a good opportunity to thank a new friend James Rickards. After listening to “Rick” for about a year on KWN, I emailed him to thank him for sharing his opinions. I was siked to get a quick reply back and began following him on Twitter. Over the past few months I have reposted a few his Tweets like India Makes Buying Gold Easier and Trump, Apmex, & Goldilocks. I’m a high school business teacher and a few weeks back wrote Jim and told him I was thinking about referencing his new book in an economic lesson and was curious to his thoughts. Thursday I received two signed copies of Currency Wars for my classroom.

Totally stoked, thank you Jim.

Thanks to Tyler for granting me access, and special thanks to guys like Randy N., Paul Prentice, TheGoodDoctor, Hawkins, Freedom, my brother and wifey for inspiration.




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