Blain: Europe's Vaccine Cold War

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021 - 07:36 AM

Authored by Bill Blain via,

“How long could we allow this beast to gorge and guzzle, feed and feast..”

Why is Europe suspending the AstraZeneca Vaccine? What’s the real story?

We’ve an interesting day’s play here in prospect in global financial markets….

This morning the French, Germans and Italians have announced a coordinated suspension of the Oxford developed AstraZeneca vaccine. The effect will be to further diminish confidence in the AZ jab and the vaccination programme as a whole across Europe. It will have market implications. Without an effective vaccine program in Europe – forget European holidays and the recovery play in names like TUI, Ryan Air and Sleazy Jet. They will all likely be back under the cosh.

European nations are progressively acting to delay the AstraZeneca vaccine, further delaying the already flawed rollout. You have to wonder what is going on. What is it the European Union leadership knows that medical experts around the globe don’t?

The Europeans say they are very concerned about the number of Thrombosis events around people given the Oxford developed jab. That number is around 40 events of either deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms in the 17 million people vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Not all of these events have been fatal.

There was a French doctor on the radio saying it was clearly dangerous for many patients and this needed to be investigated. The British vaccine expert gamely tried to explain the numbers showed that people given the AZ vaccine were actually suffering fractionally less thrombosis events than would be expected in a normal population.

(That makes sense – a major cause of Covid deaths is thrombosis.. if you vaccinate, you reduce thrombosis deaths)

He was at a loss to explain why his continental colleagues are stopping it.

The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), clearly said, in a statement, the reported thrombotic events relative to the millions of Covid 19 vaccinations does not suggest a direct link…. Clinical trials did not identify an increased risk of thrombosis.

The ISTH concludes: Based on all available data, the ISTH believes that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination strongly outweigh any potential complications even for patients with a history of blood clots or for those taking blood thinning medications. The WHO and even the European Medicines Agency both agree with ISTH.

All of which begs the question… why are the Europeans stalling the vaccine rollout?

Answers on a postcard please.

In a totally unrelated event, the EU will be taking legal action against the UK for daring to extend the grace period for British supermarkets to put in place documentation and permissions for moving goods from one part of the UK to another. The UK set to announce its own plans for a pivot to the Pacific and East this afternoon. It all rather sounds like a monumental playground sulk…