Disney To Charge Unvaccinated Customers Extra At Tokyo Theme Park

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022 - 08:45 PM

Even though the general narrative around the covid “threat” has fallen apart and the majority of western nations have mostly abandoned their attempts to institute mandates and restrictions, in many parts of Asia the fear mongering continues.  Disney appears to be taking full advantage of the lingering hype in Japan and is using it to impose their own politically motivated mandates.

Tokyo Disney theme park will now be offering 20% cheaper rates for customers with proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within 3 days of admission.  Unvaccinated customers get the old rates.

The move is a remnant of policy initiatives designed by government and corporate partnerships in 2020 – A collusion of big government and big business as a means to encourage or force the public to comply with vaccination demands (or any other demands).  The carrot and stick approach is outlined in documents published by globalists at the Imperial College of London at the very beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

Specifically, government officials and corporations invented a series of incentives for vaxxed and punishments for the unvaxxed, mostly using denial of service measures such as exclusion from public places or even exclusion from economic participation.  Corporations would work hand-in-hand with government as enforcers, using private property arguments as a means to oppress unvaccinated people and refuse them access to goods and services.

In this way, governments could get around constitutional protections of individual liberties.  They could claim they were not violating anyone's rights, and that corporate businesses had the right to refuse service to people they deemed a danger.  It's a con game, but legally effective.     

The problem was that smaller businesses could still serve the unvaxxed, so, the Biden White House sought to slowly whittle down competition with large corporations and remove public options by instituting vaccine mandates for employees through executive order.  The order started with companies that had 100 employees or more, but the clear intent was that ALL businesses would eventually be included.

If Biden and his handlers had been successful, the majority of small business owners that refused to comply would now be out of business, leaving only corporate chains as the source for commerce.  Without any other choices, the American public would have to take the vaccines and boosters just to purchase necessities and keep their jobs, or seek out black markets.

Luckily, enough conservative states refused to submit and stood against the mandates, proving that they could function better than states implementing restrictions and vax requirements.  This led directly to the implosion of vaccination claims and  a realization in western countries that there was a superior way to handle the covid event.  

Asian countries have not had the same kind of rebellion and so many mandates persist.  China is continuing its “Zero Covid” measures despite all evidence that they are pointless.  The Japanese government relied less on mandates and never actually required masks, but instead used a campaign of “public shaming” and peer pressure as a tool to get compliance.  Given the collectivism inherent in Japanese culture, this method has made the population incredibly subservient.      

It is important to examine the stark difference between Asia and the west when it comes to the outcomes of pandemic bureaucracy because we can now see what the establishment wanted to do here in the US or in Europe.  We can see what corporations like Disney would have been doing had there not been a massive push-back against the mandates.

The end game was rewards for compliance and punishments for refusal in everything from regular commerce to recreation.  The strategy was openly admitted over and over again – Make life as hard as possible in every way conceivable for the unvaccinated as they watch their vaccinated friends and family enjoys gifts and benefits.  It seems Disney still wishes for this outcome though the pandemic is long over.