Greenwald: "What Message Do Dreary Images Like This Send?"

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jul 29, 2021 - 09:40 PM

Masks on? Masks off? Getting vaxxed means back to normal? The confusion based on flip-flopping and reversals by health officials and the CDC - all in the name of "the science says..." - is increasingly coming under the spotlight and scrutiny even of the mainstream media.

As we featured in recent analysis, "There’s an obvious parallel to masks, which have been embraced by millions of Americans not only for their perceived health value, but as a means of signaling their virtue and membership in the liberal and/or anti-Trump tribe. That emotional and political attachment to masks - which infects the media as well as individual citizens - represents a powerful barrier to an intellectually honest evaluation of their effectiveness." Journalist Glenn Greenwald on Thursday highlighted the following glaring case in point: "What message do dreary images like this send?"

Greenwald noted of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's ongoing trip this week to Southeast Asia, with his latest stop being The Philippines, that it features images Austin and top commanders not only masking up, but wearing full protective face shields. 

I again have to ask: if the primary goal now is to persuade vaccine skeptics that the vaccine works and they should take it for the benefit of returning to normal life, what message do dreary images like this -- from leading officials who are fully vaccinated -- send to them??

"Liberals now have a strong need to malign those who are vaccine hesitant as stupid, reckless troglodytes," Greenwald continues. "They're only comfortable doing that if the unvaccinated are mostly Trump supporters. But the demographics of vaccine resisters are much more complex, so they just lie."

Greenwald then noted: "I got the vaccine and encourage anyone who asks my advice to do so, though I think it should be everyone's choice. Precisely because I believe in the vaccine's efficacy, I'm amazed the messaging of govt officials is becoming more, not less, coercive, didactic and alarmist."

"The other major lie liberal outlets united to cook up this week is that GOP politicians only 'suddenly' started encouraging people to get vaccinated this week," Greenwald comments further. 

"It's the opposite of the truth. Virtually every GOP Governor has been urging this for months," Greenwald emphasizes.