Maryland Considering Bill That Would Allow The Vaccination Of Children Without Parent's Consent

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023 - 09:40 PM

The State of Maryland has introduced a bill for consideration (Senate Bill 378) that would allow healthcare workers to vaccinate a child who is deemed "able to understand the benefits and potential consequences of getting vaccinated" without parental consent.  The determined age of consent for a child to "choose" to be vaccinated is 14, though, such laws are often a slippery slope as guidelines and goalposts can be adjusted once a bill is passed to include even younger people.

It should be noted that Maryland law prevents children of 14 or older to refuse vaccination ordered by parents.  In other words, they are considered competent enough to get vaccinated without parent's knowledge, but not competent enough to refuse vaccination with parent's knowledge.  The push among some states to provide or legalize medical procedures on minors without advising parents has been growing in multiple sectors of healthcare the past few years, from abortions to gender affirmation surgeries.


It sounds like a remnant from two years ago when Democrat run states like New York were talking seriously about the forced internment of people who were "potential dangers" to public health.  The concept of constitutional rights were going out the window and the US barely dodged an Orwellian end.  Parental rights are often considered a vital barrier to state interference with vulnerable children who are easily manipulated into accepting procedures that could affect their rest of their lives.

The potential consequences are obvious - Schools and other government institutions could very easily exploit medical personnel to convince children that they MUST submit to vaccination.  They could also influence minors to believe it was "all their idea."  The same scenario could involve overzealous doctors or nurses in a hospital setting.  With the informed parental shield removed, the sky is the limit in terms of what the state can do to the younger generation.

Though the bill mentions that decisions by minors be made "without coercion", a child may not be able to identify coercion when it happens.  Not all manipulation requires open and obvious threats.  

Democratic State Sen. Cheryl Kagan introduced Bill 378 on Wednesday. The bill is set to go before a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee on Feb. 22.  The language is broad and seems to include all possible vaccinations rather than a set list.

Even in the case of a child voluntarily asking for medical treatments without deception, it is the job of parents to sometimes protect their kids from themselves.  Without developed critical thinking skills minors require guidance to avoid rash decisions.  When peer pressure is coming from officials with a perceived authority, children are less likely to say no.  The Maryland bill ignores these factors and opens the door to a wide range of abuses.