"My University Ignores COVID Natural Immunity & Blames People Like Me For Outbreaks"

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 12, 2021 - 09:23 AM

Authored by Rachel Lalgie, University of Florida, via,

I had COVID already, but my university wants to treat me like a leper...

My school, the University of Florida, keeps pushing students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated and has even shamed people who may choose not to get vaccinated.

But it continues to ignore the natural immunity that people like me almost definitely have after recovering from coronavirus.

According to the university, unvaccinated students who contract coronavirus or are even exposed to someone with COVID will not be cleared to return to campus and they will not be excused from their absences.

“Such students may have to leave campus, return home, and make up class work,” the university said.

University administrators have said they will take no responsibility for such students, “given the ready availability of vaccine.”

Thus, the university refuses to modify the learning experience for the “minority” of unvaccinated students.

“We want to be clear on this point because it is important that people understand the potential consequences of their choice,” the administrators scolded.

It is very unfair for the university to specifically target the unvaccinated students with repercussions if they contract the virus.

Notice that the university refuses to acknowledge the possibility of vaccinated students contracting the virus on campus. While the COVID vaccine is generally safe and effective, there have been breakthrough cases among vaccinated people.


If the vaccine cannot fight off the Delta variant, then I do not need the vaccine if it is not effective to fight the coronavirus variants. Not to mention receiving the vaccine will not lead to a “normal” life if students, faculty and staff must continue to wear a mask everywhere on campus.


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