Is This The Real Reason "Eris" Cases Are Spiking?

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 21, 2023 - 12:10 PM


Eris – the most recent “Covid variant” – is supposedly causing spikes in cases all over the world.

The story goes that England, Ireland and US are all being hit hard, it’s reached Australia too.

In yet another blow to the “BRICS will save us” crowd, India and China are playing along.

“Scientists” are even clamoring for the return of masks.

We’ve already been over everything you need to know about “Eris” here. Long story short, “Covid” is just another made up name for the flu, and the “variants” are coats of paint they slap on the narrative to try and keep it looking fresh.

In that same article I theorised Eris’ existence was a need to keep Covid alive, and that is part of it…but I also missed something obvious: The next round of Covid “vaccines” hits the shelves next month.

For those who have lost count, I think we’re up to six or seven shots now.

This “updated vaccine” is nothing to do with Eris, of course, as much as the language in the headlines implies it’s been “adapted” for the latest variant, it hasn’t.

It was in the works before Eris was even said to exist.

Moderna had the brass neck to claim that they did a “trial” showing their updated vaccine protects against Eris. Considering Eris first hit the headlines just a few weeks ago it looks like Moderna may have broken their own record in terms of speedy “trials”.

It’s just the same old slop it always was.

Hell, let’s be honest, it could be water. It could be ANYTHING.

The content of the syringe was never the important part.

After all, what you were being injected with wasn’t the point, the point was that you got injected because they told you to.

It was about forcing obedience, setting the vaccine mandate precedent and seeing how effectively people could be gaslit into taking a shot that they’d already been told they don’t need and doesn’t work.

Well, that and governments handing over VAST amounts of cash to pharmaceutical companies, obviously.

But they already have the money, and most people (allegedly) took the vaccine…so why are they still going?

You have to appreciate the huge amount of effort that went into hypnotizing millions – maybe billions – of people into acting against their own best interests, it’s a spell that’s easier to maintain than restart.

If they start letting people forget, then soon they’ll have to begin the ritual all over again.

And the magic is already wearing off.

Consider that, allegedly, over 200 million Americans took the first dose in 2021, and that by the time boosters were coming out in the fall of 2022 it was down to 50 million. That’s a 75% drop-off in only a year.

The power is slipping away, and as they scramble to get it back you can probably expect “Eris” to get a lot worse.