As White House Continues To Push Jabs For Kids, FL Surgeon General Questions Safety

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 07, 2022 - 09:45 PM

As we've noted for some time, Covid-19 vaccines have limited efficacy vs. the dominant (and thankfully more mild) strain, Omicron - with CDC researchers finding in one study that Pfizer's jab was just 20% effective against symptomatic illness after 60 days for those aged 12-15 years old, and 0% effective after five months.

One Danish study from the University of Copenhagen found that Omicron actually spreads faster in vaccinated individuals vs Delta, the previous dominant strain.

When it comes to who Omicron is killing (or 'involved' in killing), one UK study that looked at 814,011 cases found just 128 deaths (0.00057%), of which 42 were aged 18-59 years-old, and zero deaths under the age of 18.

Yet, despite clear and convincing evidence that Omicron is mild compared to its predecessor strains, the Biden administration continues to peddle fear.

As Stanford health policy professor Jay Bhattacharya wrote in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday - White House covid response coordinator Ashish Jha is engaging in "scare-mongering about the danger of Covid to children."

In a May 30 tweet, Dr. Jha asserted that Covid is “a far greater threat to kids than the flu is.” He linked to an article by Harvard Medical School instructor Jeremy Faust, which claims that Covid killed more than 600 children in 2021, whereas the flu kills “an average” of only 120 children annually.

Bhattacharya demolishes Faust's argument - noting: "Faust’s data are severely skewed, for three reasons."

First, while flu is seldom tested, everyone admitted to a hospital for any reason gets a Covid test. Between October 2018 and September 2019, 1.4 million flu tests were reported to public-health and clinical labs. As of May 31, 2022, there had been 897 million PCR tests for Covid.

Second, evidence from audits of death certificates found that 35% of all pediatric deaths in 2020 “had co-occurring diagnosis codes that could not be plausibly categorized as either a chain-of-event or significant contributing condition,” according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Put another way, in at least 35% of pediatric “Covid deaths,” Covid couldn’t have been the cause.

Third, Dr. Faust relies on a figure for confirmed flu deaths that is well-known to underestimate actual flu deaths by an order of magnitude. Correcting for the lack of flu testing, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases estimated 1,161 pediatric flu deaths in the 2012-13 season rather than the 142 that Dr. Faust reported. -WSJ

He then slams the Biden administration for "eroding public confidence" and undermining public health by lying about the Covid risk for children, and points out that "There are far greater risks to children than Covid. Since March 2020, more than 1,000 kids have died with Covid (an average of around 38 a month), according to the CDC. In the same period more than 1,400 children died from drug- and alcohol-related causes."

Then there's Florida

On Friday, state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo openly questioned the safety of Covid-19 vaccines. During a press conference to announce an agreement with the Special Olympics to lift a vaccine mandate, the Florida Department of Health boss said: "People will say oh, you know, millions of people have taken these vaccines, they must be safe," adding "Well, you can’t know the answer to that when it is taboo to talk about having a reaction after vaccines."

He also suggested that the vaccine has produced more side effects than others, such as flu shots, according to Florida Politics.

"There’s another vaccine that over 100 million Americans take every year, and it’s the influenza vaccine, he said, adding "And the stream of adverse events that I’ve heard from people all over this country after these vaccines is nothing like the years of my life when I’ve been in medicine and have been administering the influenza vaccines. There is a difference, and you can’t say that millions of people getting it excuses you from that."

Regarding vaccine mandates, he said those make no sense based on what science now shows about this coronavirus and about vaccines in use now.

“Scientifically, it makes zero sense,” Ladapo said. “How can you force people to take a vaccine in order to stop transmission when that vaccine is not effective at stopping transmission?” -Florida Politics

The CDC, of course, insists that the vaccine is still better than nothing, saying in a statement that "Data show fully vaccinated persons are less likely than unvaccinated persons to acquire SARS-CoV-2, and infections with the delta variant in fully vaccinated persons are associated with less severe clinical outcomes."

Of course, they aren't exactly breaking it down by age and comorbidity, are they?