White House Plans To Quadruple COVID Rapid Testing Despite Decline In Cases

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 06, 2021 - 09:50 PM

As more rapid at-home COVID tests are approved by American regulators, the Biden Administration is reportedly preparing another "investment" in rapid at-home tests (despite lingering criticisms about the frequency of false positives produced by these tests, helping to contribute to America's COVID "casedemic").

According to Bloomberg, the Biden Administration is preparing to announce a $1 billion purchase of rapid at-home COVID tests with the intention of "expanding the availability of such products in the coming months".

Of course, as we have reported time and time again, the more testing, the more cases. With this latest investment (which has yet to be officially announced) the US will be on track to 4x rapid testing capacity by December. The plan will involve distributing the free tests to an additional 10K US pharmacies, bringing the total number of free testing sites to 30K (including 20K pharmacies).

So far, rapid at-home testing has proven less reliable than lab testing. Despite this, the Biden Administration is still planning to pour billions of dollars into its effort to quadruple the level of COVID testing by December, according to BBG. According to an administration official who spoke with BBG, the US has been producing roughly 30MM rapid at-home tests a month - a figure that's expected to grow to more than 200MM a month by the end of the year.

The Administration is justifying the decision to increase testing with the fact that not enough American adults have been vaccinated (even though scientists now believe "herd immunity" is essentially out of reach for humanity, even if 90%+ of the population has been fully vaccinated).

Furthermore, this latest $1 billion commitment comes on the heels of a $2 billion investment in rapid testing announced by the administration last month (that order included buying tests from pharma giants Abbott Labs and Celltrion). Biden is also using the Defense Production Act to help bolster production.

The FDA just cleared a rapid at-home test from Acon Labs. The agency says that test could double rapid at-home testing capacity in the weeks ahead as the company says it can produce more than 100MM tests a month by year's end. Other manufacturers of rapid at-home tests include Abbott, Quidel Corp, Becton DIckinson, Access Bio and OraSure.

With cases finally declining in the US, authorities this week have praised Merck's new "miracle drug" that purports to successfully treat COVID if taken within 5 days of infection for both vaccinated and unvaccinated cases (if a patient can afford it).

But all of this isn't enough for the Biden Administration. Case numbers are falling, yet the White House continues to try and coerce unvaccinated Americans to accept the jab.

Bottom line: if you're excited to see COVID cases declining, just wait a few weeks until the White House can ramp up testing again and revive the "casedemic", triggering a new wave of media scaremongering, even if hospitalizations and deaths continue to wane.