3 Dead In Oklahoma Walmart Shooting

A suspect is believed to be at large after shooting up a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma, about an hour and a half southwest of Oklahoma City, according to local media reports.

Officers were called in to handle an active shooter situation at the Walmart Supercenter on Highway 81 Monday morning.

Officials with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol have confirmed that at least three people have been killed, and that the individual who initially opened fire is among the dead. Conflicting reports said the suspect was initially at large, but was then reported to have died.

The motive behind the attack is unclear.

Multiple 911 calls about the incident were received at approximately 9:54 am local time according to those who monitor police scanner traffic. After police arrived, they determined that a shooting had occurred in the Walmart parking lot.

"We have three individuals that are deceased. We have two white males and a white female," said Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford. He added that the suspect, who was armed with a handgun, was among those killed. "Two of the victims are inside a vehicle, one is outside the vehicle. And at this point that’s about all we do know."

One eyewitness told the local ABC affiliate that he heard approximately 9 gunshots as he arrived at Walmart just before 10 am Monday morning.

According to the witness, an armed citizen pulled a gun on the suspect, who then shot himself in the head.

Local schools were placed on lockdown during the incident, but the lockdown was lifted after the suspect was confirmed dead.

Of course, this isn't the first mass shooting outside or inside a Walmart to take place in recent months. Over the summer, a shooter killed nearly two dozen people when he opened fire inside a Walmart in El Paso. A few days before that, two were killed when a former employee opened fire inside a store in Southaven, Mississippi. After these incidents, police received a rash of warnings about potential shootings inside Walmart stores around the country.