First Footage Of Notorious Criminal Charles Bronson In A Decade Surfaces Online

A convicted drug dealer who is running several social media accounts from a UK prison using a contraband cellphone has published what appears to be the first footage of notorious UK criminal Charles Bronson, whose decades of violent crime have been the subject of movies and TV shows.

In the video, Bronson appears to coyly object to being filmed, covering his face with his arm and exchanging good-natured expletives with the cameraman, drug dealer Sam Walker, as the two prisoners seek to pass the time at their prison in the Midlands of the UK, according to the Daily Mail.

Some have questioned whether it is really Bronson, known as Britain's most dangerous prisoner, who was reported to be in HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes for the past year. Bronson has a far more gruff voice than the man in the video.

But if it really is Bronson, this would be his first appearance in more than decade.

Walker has 45 convictions for 130 offenses. He notoriously fled to Africa after authorities tried to arrest him, then taunted police while he was on the run in Africa. He's back in prison serving a 33 month sentence.

Walker's twitter account has 19,000 followers, and his YouTube account, where he posted the video of Bronson, has 1,000 subscribers.