These States Face Biggest Job Losses From Automation

Aside from the rantings of a small group of eccentric billionaires, humanity is mostly unprepared for the advent of automation and its impact on an economy that is already exhibiting unprecedented levels of wealth concentration among the wealthy. Some have estimated that automation will destroy 800 million jobs over the next ten years.

But if you're trying to plan a career, or a life, that can withstand the transformative impact of automation, a team of researchers at Kempler Industries has analyzed data from the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics and determined the percent of potential job loss in different industries across all 50 US states.

Their findings are broken down in the map below:

The study also breaks job losses down by metropolitan area, with Las Vegas and Orlando taking the top two slots.

In order to create a foundation for this analysis, we looked at the top 170 most "at-risk" occupations, according to the University of Oxford’s "The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation" study.

When looking at the data, it’s clear that no state is immune to automation. Overall, roughly 41 million, or 28% of all U.S. jobs, are most susceptible to automation. Occupations within the service industry are some of the hardest hit in terms of being at risk for automation, specifically cashiers, retail salespersons and fast food employees.