Two-Thirds Of Adults Say Finances Haven't Improved Since The Election

Economic issues have always been an important factor in American elections. After all, people who feel prosperous typically want things to continue just as they are, and electing a new leader might feel like rocking the boat.

So far, President Trump has shined when it comes to economic issues, according to most public opinion polling. And he's taken steps to ensure the good times never end, like browbeating the Fed into changing course and bringing interest rates back down.

President Trump's tax plan had a different impact depending on factors like whether you own property and where the property is located. But does the average American really feel that much different? To try and find out, did a  study and found that most people believe their financial situation hasn't changed all that much.

As far as what issues matter most to voters in the upcoming election, most said health care and employment.

Still, when asked who they credit for the 10-year run of economic growth that followed the financial crisis, most respondents to the Bank Rate survey said Trump.

While most young people have struggled to build wealth in the aftermath of the crisis, BankRate found that, unsurprisingly, people who were already wealthy have fared better over the past 10 years.


In keeping with other evidence showing that millennials are still struggling with the aftermath of the recession, millennial respondents to the survey expressed the most concern about their financial position, when compared with Gen X and Boomers.

Perhaps the 2010s will fare better for them. Though with banks already bracing for another downturn, it's possible that the coming years could be some of the most difficult in a decade.