US Export Prices Explode At Fastest Pace On Record, Airfares Soaring

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021 - 12:46 PM

US import and export prices rose more than expected in May (+1.1% MoM and +2.2% MoM respectively). This pushed Export prices up by 17.4% YoY - the highest on record (since 1984) and import prices rose 11.3% YoY - the highest since 2011...

Source: Bloomberg

Under the hood, Import prices ex-food and fuel rose 6% y/y in May

  • Import prices ex-petroleum rose 0.9% m/m after rising 0.7% in April
  • Import prices ex-fuels rose 0.9% m/m after rising 0.7% in April

Industrial supplies prices rose 4.5% after rising 2.4% in April

Auto prices rose 0.1% m/m after rising 0.2% in April

And May airfares to the US rose 13.5% YoY better hope this is transitory!

And China's Credit Impulse suggests it is...