Oil Soars; Ruble, Stocks Tumble On Report "US Believes" Putin Will Launch "Horrific, Bloody" Invasion Of Ukraine Next Week

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 11, 2022 - 06:45 PM

When it comes to the geopolitical hot spot du jour, every day is Groundhog Dog with a random daily leak out of the deep state through its preferred mainstream media mouthpieces that a Russian invasion on Ukraine is imminent any second now even if there is zero evidence confirming this, and even if one never actually takes place, and today was no different...

... only today the deep state has been especially persistent and moment ago PBS reported that according to three (deep state) officials, "the U.S. believes Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and communicated those plans to the Russian military," with two admin officials saying they "expect the invasion to begin next week—echoing what Secretary of State Blinken has said."

And just so Americans can focus on anything but Biden's catastrophic tenure, the PBS is throwing the kitchen sink noting that defense officials anticipate a "horrific, bloody campaign that begins with two days of bombardment and electronic warfare, followed by an invasion, with the possible goal of regime change." The North Atlantic Council - which as everyone knows is the hub of the deep state - was reportedly briefed on this new intel today, which means that a false flag attack by the CIA is now imminent.

The PBS hyperbole followed an earlier report from that hotbed of deep state lies, CNN, according to which the US and allies had "new intel" that suggests Russia could be planning to attack Ukraine prior to end of Olympics, contrary to previous assessments, with CNN adding that the "new intel comes as officials have dramatically ramped up the urgency of public warnings related to Ukraine in past 24 hours" and that  Kyiv is among the targets identified in the Russian planning sources.

CNN also added that "the admin could declassify some of this intel today" although we doubt it since this intel does not exist, but hey - someone has to wag the dog. The report has also come amid announcements from the UK US & Europe that they are recommending staff leave Ukraine.

Bottom line, while this is just the latest in a laughable series of report originating from the US deep state which have little if any linkage to reality, the fact that the US is now committed to a strategy that sees Russia "invade" even if it means responding to a US-orchestrated false flag is why oil has just exploded higher, with WTI soaring above $94 and Brent above $95 for the first time since 2014...

... the Ruble tumbling...

... alongside risk assets, including bitcoin...

... with only gold higher alongside oil... investors seek bonds as safe-havens after puking them out yesterday...

... as Biden now has two scapegoats to explain away the ongoing economic disaster: blame Putin for the explosion in gasoline prices and blame the Canadian truckers for the imminent US recession.