PG&E Outage Leaves 60,000 People Without Power In San Francisco

Update: Nearly all PG&E customers have had their power restored at this point (just before 11 am PT), BBG reported in its latest update on the situation.

The utility said that workers from a "third-party construction company" caused the outage when they accidentally struck an underground line.

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Embattled utility PG&E reported a service interruption on Friday that cut power to 22,000 customers - about 60,000 people - in San Francisco and stranded riders on the city's Muni rail service.

One reporter said problems with PG&E Substation A had likely caused the outage, which started just before 8 am PT. The utility is hoping to have power restored by 10:30. By 9:50 PT, power had been restored to some 7,000 customers, leaving 15,000 still without power.

Muni service was impacted in both directions.

Here's what the outage map looked like at its peak, with southeastern San Francisco the most heavily impacted:

PG&E is advising drivers to use extra caution and to treat traffic lights as four-way stops.

The utility said the cause of the outage is still under investigation.