Sweden Scraps 100% Renewable Energy Goal For More Reliable Nuclear Power

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023 - 07:30 AM

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There’s a surge of common sense in Sweden that’s horribly lacking in the US. Congrats to Sweden for voting in favor of nuclear energy and scrapping a 100% renewable goal.

NetZero image from Tweet below.

Reuters reports Swedish parliament passes new energy target, easing way for new nuclear power.

Sweden’s parliament on Tuesday adopted a new energy target, giving the right-wing government the green light to push forward with plans to build new nuclear plants in a country that voted 40 years ago to phase out atomic power.

Changing the target to “100% fossil-free” electricity, from “100% renewable” is key to the government’s plan to meet an expected doubling of electricity demand to around 300 TwH by 2040 and reach net zero emissions by 2045.

The coalition plans to cut the bio-fuel mix in petrol and diesel, leading to bigger CO2 emissions, a move that could mean Sweden missing 2030 emissions goals.

Proposals by Sweden to allow countries to prolong subsidies for standby coal power plants have also been met concern in the EU, while Stockholm also wanted Brussels to water-down a landmark law to restore deteriorating natural habitats.

Those are all common sense measures. Here is a set of Tweets on the subject.

Trump Takes Aim at EVs

The Ever Growing Trillions of Dollars Per Year Demands to Fight Climate Change

On June 23, I commented on The Ever Growing Trillions of Dollars Per Year Demands to Fight Climate Change.

The Cost of Solidarity

  • An expert group under the auspice of the UN estimates that investments have to reach the order of $1 trillion per year until 2030 to respond to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

  • Oxfam estimated that $3.9 trillion per year will be needed over the same time period to fight poverty, inequality and climate change.

  • The World bank estimated that it takes $4 trillion per year to build the infrastructure for this.

The cost of this “easy to make” vision is $1 trillion per year for the biodiversity crisis, plus $3.9 trillion per year to fight poverty and inequality, plus $4 trillion per year for the infrastructure. That’s a mere $8.9 million per per year until 2030, a 7-year cost of $62.3 trillion.

Energy Policy Madness

In the US, Biden’s Energy Policy Mandates Cause Severe Shortage of Electrical Steel and Transformers

In California, California Utilities Seek to Charge People Based On Income, Not Energy Usage

Also in California, Oakland Teachers Strike in 5th Day Over Climate Justice, Homeless Housing, Reparations

Finally please consider Ford Gets a $9.2 Billion Cheap Government Loan With Inflationary Strings Attached

In response, a friend just pinged me with this comment: “This is colossally, stupid public policy. The government should not get involved in determining what is the best approach to electric vehicles. It should set standards and let the free enterprise system work it out.”

Unfortunately, it appears Biden pledged 0.7 percent of US wealth for global inequities.

Fortunately, the money isn’t flowing. But it would have if Democrats held the House, Senate, and White House.

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