Abandoned 267-Foot Superyacht In Caribbean Possibly Heading To Auction

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Mar 31, 2023 - 09:45 AM

An abandoned 267-foot superyacht, purportedly owned by a Russian billionaire, has been anchored at a Caribbean marina for the past year. After some deliberation, the Antigua and Barbuda government plans to sell the vessel at auction to pay for mounting docking fees. 

Antigua Observer Newspaper reports the $81 million superyacht "Alfa Nero" is reportedly owned by sanctions-hit oligarch Andrey Guryev. The vessel has been docked in the Caribbean since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the vessel is uninsured, posing a risk to other yachts in Falmouth Harbour. 

"Now, this is a vessel that could be unmanned if the government does intervene. Anything could go wrong. Maybe some of the doors could open and start to take on water and it sinks," Browne said.

He continued:

"There could be a fire. In fact, I am told the insurance of the marina could be affected because we have an uninsured vessel sitting in the marina and is a risk to other boats.

"We are talking about billions of dollars of assets in that harbour. And you can imagine if that vessel was to catch fire what will happen.

"Think about the environmental impact, not only in terms of the oil spill and so on, but let us take into consideration that, as it stands now, the sewage system is not working. So, they're dumping sewage in the water. And that's one of the areas that we draw water from for the plant. So this issue is a significant threat."

Browne added:

"The yachting sector contributes more to our economy than even the cruise tourism sector. Understand the reputational damage if we fail to act and we end up with a major catastrophe."

The mystery of who exactly owns the yacht continues... Blomberg reached out to Guryev's lawyers, who said:

"As we have informed the Antiguan authorities, Mr. Guryev neither owns nor controls the Alfa Nero and has simply used the vessel from time to time under commercial charter since 2014."

Antigua Port Manager Darwin Telemaque said if no one claims the vessel by March 31, he will be forced to send it to the auction block shortly after.