All Hell Breaks Loose In India As Violent Protests Spread After Citizenship Law

As central banks ramp up money printing to prevent the global economy from crashing, we've been documenting an alarming surge of social upheavals erupting across the world in 2019.

The latest unrest is spreading across India like wildfire after the Modi government passed a new law that grants citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from three Muslim-majority countries but doesn't give Muslim migrants from those countries citizenship, reported Al Jazeera.

Called the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), the new measure was passed last week and grants citizenship to non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, who have been persecuted for their faith.

Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and Parsis from the three eligible countries will automatically be given citizenship if they have illegally entered the country. 

So here's where things get complicated. Rights groups and a Muslim political party have gone bonkers over the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi isn't allowing Muslim migrants from the three country's who have illegally entered India - a path towards citizenship. They say the bill violates India's constitution that prohibits religious discrimination.

As a result of the bill, demonstrations have broken out across the country, including in New Delhi and various large cities in several states. 

RT News is reporting that demonstrations have turned violent with protesters setting busses, trains, and buildings on fire. 

Protests are clashing with police. 

Al Jazeera states the epicenter of the unrest is based in the northeastern state of Assam. 

The death toll is now at six, including four protests shot by police. About 85 people have been arrested and 2,000 taken into custody by Assam Police in the last several days. 

Violent protests have spread to the neighboring state of West Bengal, protesters there have set fire to piles of tires, blocked highways, and torched vehicles. 

Riot police were deployed to several eastern states on Sunday. 

The Modi government had to of known of the social ramifications of passing the new law. Perhaps, it's a perfect distraction from the economic slowdown in the country. Or maybe, if the unrest persists, it could be used by the government to scapegoat the country waning economy.