Bizarre 'Road Rage Among Superpowers' Incident In Syria Caught On Film

A bizarre incident was captured on film Wednesday involving American and Russian military patrols. 

The dangerous encounter took place in northeastern Syria near the town of Qamishli, site of prior recent stand-offs involving US special forces attempting to block Russian military patrols from going near oil fields in the region. 

In the now viral video, a US armored vehicle is seen veering aggressively at a Russian military vehicle as it attempts to speed past the Americans

As the Russian vehicle careens off the side of the road, a Syrian bystander appears to be almost hit.

Analysis of the "crazy" road rage among superpowers footage offered by The Drive notes that the two vehicles actually hit each other during the high speed incident

It's not entirely clear why, but the Russian Tigr also makes to pass the Americans on the right at the same time, deliberately going offroad, and then wedges itself between the American M-ATV and the MaxxPro vehicles. The crew of the M-ATV responds by first attempting to block the Russians from passing any further and then drives them off the road. The two vehicles appear to actually hit each other at one point. 

A civilian bystander on the roadside is seen leaping out of the way of the Tigr just in time. The Russian and American vehicles then come to a stop as the vehicle carrying the camera drives by.

The whole thing took place on a roadway in the same area of an exchange of gunfire between Syrian villagers and a US patrol that took place a week ago.

Local villagers were demanding the American occupiers depart, and blamed them for the prior death of a teenager.

The exchange of fire, later confirmed by the Pentagon, left a Syrian dead and resulted in the minor injury of one US soldier.