Michigan Gov Lifts Statewide 'Stay-At-Home' Order: Live Updates


  • NJ reports latest decline
  • SK drug study shows promising preliminary results
  • Gov Whitmer lifts stay at home order
  • Cali reports 0.9% jump in deaths
  • Chicago may delay reopening
  • Florida reports jump of just 0,.4%
  • India now home to world's 7th biggest outbreak
  • Brazil passes 500k cases
  • Russia reports highest jump in new cases in weeks as easing begins
  • UK begins unwinding lockdown as daily deaths slow
  • Japan mulls plan to let some tourists back in

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Update (1520ET): After a handful of states (notably Cali) reported a jump in new cases on Monday, with new cases climbing 0.3%, compared with the 0.6% 7-day average, New Jersey has just released the latest in a string of optimistic reports as the number of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations continues to trend lower.

Meanwhile, following the latest disappointing remdesivir news, South Korean pharmaceutical firm Celltrion announced positive results from a pre-clinical study of a new antiviral treatment for COVID-19 on Monday, reporting a much-better-than-expected 100-fold reduction in viral load of the disease.

Unfortunately, these spectacular results were found in animal subjects, not humans, the Incheon-based company said. It plans to begin testing on human subjects in July.

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Update (1415ET): Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer just lifted Michigan's stay at home order, easing limits on outdoor gatherings and allowing restaurants to reopen for dine-in service next week. Meanwhile, some businesses where close contact is common, including gyms, hair salons, indoor theaters and casinos, will remain closed for now. Day camps for kids can reopen June 8, according to local media reports.

Groups of up to 100 people can gather outside as long as they practice social distancing, Whitmer says, and gyms can offer outdoor activities such as classes, practices, training sessions and games as long as participants, coaches and spectators stay 6 feet apart.

In other news, Cali's COVID-19 death toll climbed 0.9% to 4,251.

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Update (1215ET): The governor said he would talk with de Blasio about instituting a curfew for NYC on Monday after the weekend of looting. Meanwhile. data out of Florida on Monday showed the number of new cases had climbed just 0.4%, down from the 0.7% 7-day average. A city of Chicago official said Monday morning that the city's reopening might be delayed, though he said he hoped the city could begin reopening this weekend.

Meanwhile, as BoJo begins unwinding the UK's strict lockdown measures, the Department of Health and Social Care reported just 111 virus deaths, the lowest daily number since the UK lockdown began. That's even lower than the 114 reported yesterday. Watch the rest of Bojo's daily briefing below.

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Update (1130ET): NY Gov Cuomo is delivering his latest daily update on COVID-19 after a weekend of chaos in NYC.

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With US equity markets set to kick off the month of June in the green in defiance of any rational fundamental analysis, most of the army of journalists who have been covering various aspects of the coronavirus crisis have seemingly been diverted to covering the "protests" that have broken out across the US last night, most of Monday's big virus related news has come from abroad.

Perhaps the biggest story is British PM Boris Johnson's decision to push ahead with plans to start easing Britain's lockdown, even as hundreds of new deaths are reported every day, as the UK outbreak remains one of the world's deadliest. Several high-profile government scientists spoke out against the government's plan over the weekend, but on Monday, English primary schools reopened for the first time since they were shut 10 weeks ago, though many parents planned to keep their children at home amid widespread fears.

In addition to re-starting classes for some of the youngest students, up to six people can meet outside in England, outdoor markets can reopen, elite competitive sports can resume without spectators and high-risk patients can spend more time outdoors.

Looking ahead, the UK government's plan to enact quarantine measures for all international travelers and returning Britons are likely to face a Conservative revolt when they are considered by the Commons later this week due to fears over the impact on the economy, the Telegraph reported.

As the UK starts to ease its lockdowns, India announced another extension over the weekend - nicknamed "lockdown 5" by the people - as the country's outbreak swelled as the total number of infections approaches the 200k mark. India has reported some if its largest daily numbers of new cases in the last few days as its incredibly restrictive lockdown has been eased.

India has reported 230 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing its total to 5,394 as the latest extension also includes a three-week plan for reopening that will end when the lockdown does.  In reality, the lockdown is being eased in most places except for the containment zones now isolated due to coronavirus outbreaks.

India's Health Ministry says it has 190,535 cases, placing it in seventh place worldwide.

Across India on Monday, airlines have been ordered to keep the middle seat empty if possible, according to India's aviation regulator.

Meanwhile, in China, Beijing accused the US of being "addicted to quitting" following President Trump's decision to leave the WHO.

In Russia, health officials reported 9.035 new cases as Russia became the latest country to see its total number of cases top 400k (with 414,878 total) and 162 new deaths (for a total of 4,855). Singapore, meanwhile, reported 408 new cases and zero new deaths as an outbreak among migrant workers has continued to wane.

Germany reported just 335 new cases and 11 deaths, bringing its twin totals to 181,815 and 8,511, as the country continued its plan of cautious reopening.

In Brazil, the number of cases topped 500k, making it the second country to reach that milestone, after officials reported more than 10k new cases, along with 480 deaths from coronavirus on Sunday, bringing its death toll to 29,314, the health ministry said.
More than half a million people in the country

Russia's PM has been back in the job for 2 weeks now, but he's no longer the only PM of a CIS member to contract the virus. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan revealed that he and his family have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

"I didn't have any symptoms, I decided to take a test as I was planning to visit the frontline," he said during a Facebook live video.

Armenia has a population of 3 million, and has so far registered 9,402 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 139 deaths.

In South Africa, a two month-old coronavirus lockdown has been lifted, allowing people outside for work, worship, exercise or shopping, and allowing mines and factories to run at full capacity to try to revive the economy.

Japan is reportedly planning to allow visitors from countries with low levels of coronavirus infection, including Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand.

After weeks of no new cases, Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection is investigating two new locally transmitted cases of coronavirus - 34-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man. The new cases bring the total number of cases to 1,085 and 4 deaths.

Circling back to Brazil, the Latin American giant now has the second-highest number of cases in the world after the US and the fourth-highest death toll after the US, UK and Italy. According to Reuters, the US has delivered two million doses of the antimalarial medicine hydroxychloroquine to Brazil to fight COVID-19, the White House said, even after Facebook and Twitter took down posts from President Jair Bolsonaro where he touted the unproven but some say promising medication as a "miracle drug".