Cancun Chaos Leaves Two Dead As Cartel Beach Gun Battle Erupts

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Nov 06, 2021 - 03:00 PM

Cartel gunfire erupted on the beach of a high-end resort in Cancun, Mexico, on Thursday. Hundreds of tourists, including Americans, fled the beach area after a shootout between rival gangs left two drug dealers dead. 

"Dozens and dozens of shots," eyewitness Troy Petenbrink told TODAY on Friday. "Everyone came running off the beach towards us. It was rather surreal."

Mike Sington, a guest at the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun, tweeted, "I've never been so scared, literally shaking." 

"I'm fine now, barricaded in my hotel room for the night, just trying to decompress," Sington said. 

Well, what do you expect? Cancun is located in the lawless Mexican state of Quintana Roo, where cartels have been fiercely battling each other to control the drug trade to tourists. 

The attorney general's office for Quintana Roo said cartels faced off on the beach in Bahía Petempich that left two dead: 

"About 15 people arrived on the beach to assassinate two men who had showed up saying they were the new dealers in the area," the head prosecutor of Quintana Roo state, Oscar Montes de Oca, told the Radio Formula station.

The cartel shootout is the latest incident frequent by American tourists. About two hours south in Tulum, a resort town popular with celebrities, Instagram influencers, and millennials, has been descending into a chaotic hellhole this year as cartels wage war against each other for control. Last week, two tourists were killed in a shootout, and three others were injured. 

Remember, earlier this year, we posted exclusive photos of protests that show Tulum locals marching down the street holding a sign that read "Tourist You are NOT safe in Tulum."

In short, why risk your life for cheap cervezas and tacos as increasing cartel activity is becoming more prevalent at or near high-end resorts.