Chaos Hits Kyiv As People Flee City

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 24, 2022 - 04:50 PM

An exodus appears to be underway in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv after Russian forces bombarded the country Thursday. Traffic data and videos circulating on social media platforms seem to confirm people are fleeing the city as full-scale invasion fears soar. 

Location tracking company TomTom reports three highways out of Kyiv are experiencing "major delays" as President Vladimir Putin unleashed a barrage of missiles, artillery, and airstrikes across the country, triggering one of the worst security crises in Europe in more than half a century. 

TomTom shows that traffic data in Kyiv has been rising since Monday and could explain people have been fleeing the metro area since Monday (only now it's a mass panic). 

Confirming TomTom's data is an abundance of videos and pictures posted on Twitter. The first video was sent to Bussiness Insider from Ukrainian MP Ivanna Klympush showing "thousands of cars" leaving the city after "explosions." 

German outlet DW News shares multiple videos of gridlocked highways around Kyiv. 

More videos were posted online of the traffic situation on the ground. 

Making matters worse for anyone trying to leave Kyiv, the government restricted civilian flights in its airspace due to "potential hazard." Anyone who was planning to leave the area appears stuck. 

Meanwhile, Ukraine's national security council introduced a state of emergency to ensure calm remains - though that doesn't appear to be the case today.