China Seizes "Large Cache Of Drugs" Hidden In Soy Ship From Brazil

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021 - 11:45 PM

China's Brazilian soybean imports have skyrocketed in May after previously delayed cargo arrived. In one of the shipments, Chinese customs agents found hundreds of pounds of cocaine. 

Qingdao Customs in east China's Shandong Province seized 474 pounds of cocaine, the largest bust this year by the customs office. 

According to state-run media Xinhua, "authorities swung into action after receiving a tip-off that a foreign ship with a large cache of drugs was heading for Qingdao Port." The ship originated from Brazil, hauling 67,000 tons of soybeans, and had 21 crew on board. 

Upon arriving at Qingdao, customs agents searched the vessel and found nine suspicious packages in seven cargo holds filled with soybean. Further laboratory tests confirmed the suspicious packages have a total of 474 pounds of cocaine. 

The last major cocaine shipment seized at Qingdao was 794 pounds in 2017. 

Brazil is the largest supplier of soybeans, and China has been on a buying spree. So there's no telling how many cocaine shipments hidden within soy cargos have slipped through Qingdao.