China Slams Premature Blaming For Aramco Attack As US Hawks Argue "Military Action"

After Trump's Sunday "Locked and Loaded" comment in response to the early Saturday precision strikes on Saudi Aramco facilities from an as yet unconfirmed entity (the Houthis claimed immediate responsibility, with the US-Saudi coalition now blaming Iran), China on Monday slammed Washington finger-pointing as premature and irresponsible, though without directly mentioning the US.

However, it was clear to where the words were directed given on Monday Washington's "Iran did it" narrative has advanced with rapid pace by the hour. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying urged all parties to "restrain themselves" and called on western leaders eager to cast quick blame to wait for a "conclusive investigation"

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying Via Reuters: China says can't apportion blame for Saudi attack without facts.

Hua said in the Monday press briefing from Beijing: 

“Pondering who is to blame in the absence of a conclusive investigation, I think, is in itself not very responsible. China’s position is that we oppose any moves that expand or intensify conflict,” according to Reuters.

“We call on relevant parties avoid taking actions that bring about an escalation in regional tensions. We hope all sides can restrain themselves and can jointly safeguard the peace and stability of the Middle East.”

The statement asserted that needless escalation in the region must be avoided, also after the attacks on the key Aramco facilities sent global oil prices soaring. 

Iran, for its part denied having any involvement as did Iraq or its pro-Iran paramilitary forces. An Iranian foreign ministry statement issued earlier on Sunday slammed US charges as "useless accusations" which are "meaningless and not comprehensible and are pointless."

Meanwhile, the hawks are predictably out pressuring Trump, urging that it's time to "do something".

Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware) told FOX on Monday: "This may well be the thing that calls for military action against Iran, if that's what the intelligence supports."