China's Foreign Ministry Tweets "I Can't Breathe!" As America's Rivals Troll US Over Unrest

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 04:05 PM

Entirely to be expected in this rare moment of multiple American cities on fire amid the raging George Floyd protests, US enemies and rivals are seizing the opportunity to troll and mock Washington.

Beijing communist party officials are especially taking the US to task over its 'hypocrisy' regarding Hong Kong, starting with the below top Chinese official, the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Director General:

During last year's many months-long and at times violent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, recently flared up again over the deeply controversial 'security law', State Department officials on a near daily basis criticized both the HK police and mainland's harsh response and crackdown.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying further used a recent RT segment to castigate what she called "THUGS & HEROES HYPOCRISY" in call caps, also as a reference to how Washington immediately dubs 'rioters' in official enemy countries as "heroes" while condemning any similar protest action in its own midst. 

State media is having a field day:

At the same time Iran didn't miss the opportunity to take the US to task for previously stoking mass protests in the Islamic Republic, with Foreign Ministry Javad Zarif tweeting the following:

This follows days ago Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself responding to the unrest in the United States, saying, "if you're dark-skinned walking in the US, you can't be sure you'll be alive in the next few minutes."

"A human, for his black skin, has no reassurance to live in society, if indeed, a police officer can beat him to death because of his colored skin," Khamenei said.

The country's top cleric and theocratic leader tweeted a video highlighting the history of slavery and prior race riots in major American cities.

A number of independent Syria analysts, long critical of American sponsored 'regime change' efforts unsuccessfully targeting Assad, also pointed out the perils of "American style democracy'.

Of course, the Hong Kong issue remains the hot button foreign policy dilemma, with President Trump on Friday vowing to nix the “full range” of agreements which undergirded the special US relationship to the semi-independent city, based on HK allegedly ceding its special status to Beijing. 

“China has replaced its promised formula of one country, two systems, with one country, one system,” Trump said, taking the local opposition line.