Chinese State Media Floats Trump 'October Surprise' Theory Centered On Disputed Islands

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 28, 2020 - 09:20 PM

The editor-in-chief of the Chinese Community Party run Global TimesHu Xijin, has once again raised eyebrows with his typical bellicose and provocative statements and predictions.

This time he took things to a new level, cryptically citing "information learned" — as if from an insider source or perhaps even Chinese intelligence — to suggest President Trump has a major 'October Surprise' in store, and of course it relates to the prospect of military conflict with China at a moment things are fast heating up over the Taiwan issue in particular.

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The Global Times editor and writer claimed on Monday: "Based on information I learned, Trump govt could take the risk to attack China’s islands in the South China Sea with MQ-9 Reaper drones to aid his reelection campaign," in a Tweet that was a among his more provocative lately.

It's unclear where he came by this "information" and he certainly didn't back it up with proof or specific sources, but he added that "If it happens, the PLA will definitely fight back fiercely and let those who start the war pay a heavy price."

Hu Xijin has been closely following the TikTok controversy, lately labelling the US as being in a "hysterical state" over advanced Chinese tech and popular aps.

He also days ago said "The US is clearly preparing for new provocative actions" related to the potential expelling of Chinese diplomats amid the ongoing tit-for-tat on multiple fronts. 

China's English language mouthpiece publication geared toward Western audiences often in an indirect way "relays" Beijing's threats and warnings. Typically Hu himself reflects the insider thinking of the Chinese Communist Party, but with a more hawkish tinge, so it's more than likely there are many officials in the party who actually believe there's some level of a US election October surprise related to China coming.

Perhaps it's also related to PLA forces kicking off military drills in no less than four regional seas on Monday, expected to run through Wednesday.

Recall that just last week he also warned that China "would definitely start a just war" if American soldiers ever returned to being stationed on Taiwan. They had permanently departed in 1979 upon US normalized relations with the People's Republic of China.