"Close The Borders" - Bill Ackman Urges Trump To "Shut Down Country For 30 Days" To Stall Virus

Somebody... anybody... do something!

That is the cry from market participants everywhere (as well as politicians and everyday Americans who are facing 20% unemployment if Steve Mnuchin's "Depression era" claims are to be believed).

The latest cry for help... or urge for action is from none other than hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, who has a simple message for President Trump: "Close the borders... shut down the country"

So, closing borders is only racist when the threat from those coming into the country is socio-economic and criminal... but not when the threat is health-related?

Ackman went to call for "leadership, now!"

Either way, perhaps, given China's (if you believe the numbers) successful stomp-down on the spread of the virus - a 30-day shutdown may be the last best hope for Trump's re-election.