Florida Beach Steps Up Enforcement As Visitors Leave 13,000 Pounds Of Trash During Busy Weekend

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - 10:25 PM

Amazingly, local officials in Florida decided to reopen a beach to the public, and the biggest scandal to arise from the occasion had less to do with the coronavirus, and more to do with more prosaic problems of selfish, sh*tty people.

As thousands traveled to the beach - which has been open for weeks - over the weekend, municipal crews collected more than 13,000 pounds of garbage last weekend that was left behind by visitors at Cocoa Beach as the state continues to relax coronavirus restrictions, according to the Hill.

The Cocoa Beach Police Department warned it would dramatically step up enforcement and write tickets for outsize sums for anybody caught littering from here on out.

"As restrictions are becoming more relaxed during this pandemic, the City of Cocoa Beach is beginning to see an influx of day-trippers to our beaches, along with piles of unlawfully discarded trash in their wake," Cocoa Beach Police Department wrote in a notice.

"This will not be tolerated."

Read the full warning below:

As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease, people and their trash have been inundating beaches in Brevard County.

The beach actually reopened on April 21, but the nice weather over the weekend brought thousands to the beach as the spring and summer beachgoing season in the state begins.

According to the Hill, littering in Cocoa Beach can now fetch offenders a $250 fine.