El Paso Initiated Massive Migrant Cleanup To Hide Crisis During Biden Border Visit

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jan 09, 2023 - 06:20 PM

The two-year-long White House coverup of the ongoing illegal immigration crisis is perhaps one of the biggest political frauds of the decade.  After Joe Biden recently dared to blame Republicans for the chaos at the southern border rather than his own reckless amnesty policies and his attempts to end Title 42, he embarked on his very first visit to the region since entering the Oval Office.  His primary destination?  El Paso. 

El Paso has become an epicenter of illegal immigration in the past few months, likely because it is a Democrat run border city which engages in sanctuary policies.  The El Paso Mayor, Oscar Leeser, kept the door wide open for supposed amnesty seekers until the city ran out of money for welfare provisions and finally declared an emergency despite pressure from the White House not to.  

Biden has long ignored the state of affairs on the border, forcing conservative governors to bus thousands of migrants to Democrat cities like New York and Washington DC in order to make a point.  Though the White House has pretended to be oblivious to the plight of border states, it is becoming clear that the administration has been well aware of the crisis for some time.  In preparation for Biden's visit, El Paso has undergone a miraculous transformation from humanitarian disaster zone to squeaky clean and secure.  

Below, we can see before and after examples of how much can be accomplished to stop illegal immigration when Joe Biden's image is on the line - El Paso has become a completely different city in the span of two weeks:

The city streets have been cleared of most migrants and their makeshift sidewalk beds.

A border wall has been quickly built from cargo containers and barbed wire to deter migrant caravans.  Local reports note that the new wall has been very effective in stopping the flow of illegals.  Also, national guard and border patrol units have been deployed in a show of force.

The expedited removal of illegal immigrants in preparation for Biden's visit showcases the reality that the border situation can be dealt with and that it would be far easier than the White House claims. The only rational conclusion that can be made at this stage is that Biden simply doesn't want to secure the border.  Biden walked the existing wall with border agents before quickly jetting to Mexico City, and briefly met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who only received notice of Biden's plans a day before his arrival.

Biden continues to claim that he has been working to solve the illegal immigration issue "from day one" and blames congress for refusing to "take action."  In reality, illegal immigrant encounters plummeted after the enforcement of Title 42 in 2020, and then exploded again right after Biden took office.  Biden's insistence on amnesty benefits and far easier citizenship for illegals has encouraged an endless rush of over 5 million migrants in the past two years.  The sterilization of El Paso before his visit suggests that Biden has no intention of ever being honest about the terrible state of affairs and will maintain his open border policies regardless.