Europe's Daily COVID-19 Tally Hits 200k/Day As World Nears 40 Millionth Case: Live Updates


  • Italy reports record 11k+ new cases
  • Europe adds 200k cases/day
  • Global cases near 40 million
  • US adds 50k+ new cases for 5th day
  • Italy ready to close bars, restaurants for first time since lockdown ended
  • Russia reports 15k+ new cases again
  • Poland reports 8k+ new cases

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Update (1440ET): An interesting chart caught our eye shows why Europeans, and others, are so worried about another round of lockdowns...though it also shows how widespread testing may be starting to expose more "inactive" cases that are asymptomatic or at little risk of infection.

As we saw in the spring, after a certain level of strain on the health-care system, virus-linked mortality rates rise, which is why leaders around the world have said that they could still resort to lockdowns if their hospitals start to see patient numbers sharply increase.

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Update (1210ET): As Italy prepares to close all of the country's high schools and enforce a nationwide 2200 curfew, its national protection service has reported yet another daily record on Sunday, with 11,705 new cases recorded over the last 24 hours.

As we await more Sunday data, here's an update on how the world is doing with its battle to suppress the virus:

Even in the developing world, mortality has lagged case numbers from the second wave.

In NY, Gov Cuomo is holding an update on Sunday:

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As NY's COVID-19 hotspots see positivity rates start to recede, Gov Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have been busy racking up headlines showing they've been punishing violators of emergency COVID-19 orders.

An NYPD twitter account shared details of a bust-up at a Queens banquet hall, which allegedly hosted a massive dance party with more than 200 maskless, non-socially distanced revelers.

Cuomo is also taking heat for cancelling a large wedding organized within the Hasidic Community.

Amazingly, as the political conversation in the US - at least, across MSM news networks - centers around President Trump's "botched" approach to counteracting the virus in the US, Europe is now reporting more than 200,000 new cases a day, according to figures provided by JPM's Michael Cembalest. This, just one week after reporting more than 100,000 cases in a day for the first time.

COVID-19 deaths in Europe are also accelerating, as deaths in the US plateau.

Johns Hopkins counted 39,758,766 cases worldwide as of Sunday morning, after reporting 341,540 new cases on Saturday, breaking a streak of record daily numbers.

Daily cases in the US climbed back above 50k/day over the weekend, with the US adding 57,164 new virus cases on Saturday, topping the 50k mark for the 5th straight day, though the number retreated from 69,156 reported a day prior. Another 712 people died, slightly less than the previous week’s daily average.

As Italy prepares to tighten COVID-19 restrictions again, and London and Paris are enforce tighter curbs, Victoria, the worst-hit state in Australia, announced on Sunday plans to finally ease its lockdown measures as new cases have fallen dramatically.

Speaking in an interview with a major French newspaper, Prime Minister Jean Castex, PM Emmanuel Macron's COVID-19 point man, urged French citizens to abide by the new lockdowns (the latest restrictions apply to Greater Paris and eight other metro areas) after France reported 32k+ new cases, yesterday, the latest record jump.

Here's some more COVID-19 news from overnight and Sunday morning:

Russia reported 15,099 new cases, the third day in a row that infections have hovered around 15,000, according to data from the government’s National Virus Response Center (Source: Bloomberg).

Poland registered 8,536 new coronavirus cases and the death toll continued to climb. The country had 649 respirators in use, compared with 383 a week earlier (Source: Bloomberg).

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte may order bars and restaurants to close early, ban some sporting activities and change high school hours to prevent crowding, according to officials in his government who asked not to be identified. Conte is set to announce his plans on Sunday, the people said. Italy’s coalition is divided over the new restrictions (Source: Bloomberg).