Biden Drone Strike Reportedly Kills Multiple Children In Kabul, Family Claims 'Not ISIS-K'

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Aug 29, 2021 - 08:02 PM

Update (1605ET): The Associated Press is reporting that three children were killed in a Sunday drone strike on a vehicle in Kabul, which American officials say was carrying "multiple suicide bombers."

An Afghan official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said three children were killed in the drone strike. Afghan officials had initially reported a rocket attack separate from the drone strike but it turned out to be the same event. Video obtained by The Associated Press showed smoke rising from a building around a kilometer (half a mile) from the airport. -AP

Family denies being ISIS, says six children died

Muslim Shirzad, an International relations & Security expert and former senior presenter for political news, has interviewed the family of the deceased, who say nine individuals - including six children - were actually killed, and that they aren't ISIS.

"I just spoke with family members, 9 people killed (Zamaray 40, Naseer 30, Zameer 20, Faisal 10, Farzad 9, Armin 4, Benyamin 3, Ayat 2 and Sumaya 2 years old)," he tweeted.

An earlier report had six dead.

"Afghanistan’s Tragedy; I just spoke with member of this family in Kabul, they are originally from #Panjsher. He shared these photos with me," tweeted Shirzad. “It was a rocket attack, 6 members of our family including my sister killed. we are not IS-K, we are ordinary people.” He said while cried"

If true, no wonder Biden won't release the names.

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Just days after an ISIS-K suicide bomber killed at least 169 people at Kabul airport, powerful explosion rocked Kabul on Sunday afternoon, when the US struck alleged suicide bombers in the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to the Taliban and a Pentagon spokesman. The strike hit a vehicle laden with explosives, apparently bound for the airport.

A US airstrike targeted a suicide bomber outside Kabul’s airport and a rocket struck an Afghan neighborhood, killing a child, Sunday as violence and the threat of a new terror attack continued to engulf the troubled capital. According to officials the strike was carried out in “self-defense” against an “imminent” threat. The vehicle was reportedly carrying “a substantial amount of explosive material,” which was set off by the US strike, Urban added.

The explosion was caused by a rocket striking a house near the airport, BBC journalist Secunder Kermani reported, citing a source in the Afghan Health Ministry.

Casualties are still unknown, though unconfirmed reports suggest that two people, including a child died in the blast, and at least three were injured.

According to a US defense official "Multiple suicide bombers inside the vehicle,” struck by US drone today in Kabul. “Significant explosives in vehicle led to secondary explosions.” Bombers belonged to ISIS-K and were en route to Kabul Airport.

However, other sources including the AP note that the rocket struck an Afghan neighborhood, killing a child.

The airstrike conducted by the US knocked out a vehicle that sought to bomb the airport where thousands are awaiting evacuation, Taliban officials said. Zabihullah Mujahid told journalists Sunday that the vehicle was loaded with explosives when it was destroyed but provided no additional details.

The rocket attack, which appeared to be a separate incident, occurred Sunday afternoon in Kabul’s Khuwja Bughra neighborhood near the international airport, said Rashid, a police chief who like many Afghans goes by one name. One child was killed in that blast. The rocket fire comes amid efforts at the airport to evacuate tens of thousands of people trying to flee the Taliban takeover following the fall of the Afghan government.

The violence on Sunday comes after an Islamic State’s affiliate carried out a suicide attack that killed over 180 people last week. Following the terror attack, the Taliban increased security around the airfield and the United Kingdom halted its evacuation flights.