German Defense Minister: No More Bundeswehr Weapons For Ukraine

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Apr 09, 2022 - 09:00 PM

Since the start of Russia's military incursion into Ukraine, the West has been all too eager to supply the Ukrainians with weapons, from javelin anti-aircraft missiles to Soviet-era T-72M tanks. But as the European powers contemplate their own security needs in the face of the growing 'threat' from the East, it looks like that generosity has reached its limits - despite Volodymyr Zelensky's claims that the West has blood on its hands.

In an interview with Die Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung published on Saturday, Germany’s Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht told a German paper that while "we all have an obligation to support Ukraine in its courageous fight" with "supplies from the Bundeswehr's stockpiles" Germany has "reached [its] limit," and that the German military must be "able to ensure" the country's defense.

To be sure, "...that doesn't mean we can't do more for Ukraine," Lambrecht added, suggesting that Kiev could directly buy equipment it needed from German manufacturers directly. The minister pointed out that the German government "was constantly coordinating" with the authorities in Kiev to facilitate such purchases.

When asked exactly what kind of weaponry was being considered for delivery to Ukraine, Lambrecht demurred, refusing to go into detail. "There are good reasons why we have classified precisely this information as secret," she said.

She also claimed that it was Ukraine that "emphatically" asked Germany not to divulge specifics.

"One must always bear in mind: The moment the deliveries are published in detail, Russia would also have this information. And that alone would have military strategic implications," she said.

But the most important reason for cutting off military support for the Ukrainians? Fear of provoking the Russian bear, which is already playing havoc with the German economy with its weapons.

Lambrecht admitted there’s a concern in Germany that weapons supplies could trigger a reaction by Moscow and "war may expand to other areas." That’s why, she said, it is important "that we act very prudently and with a cool head in these difficult and horrific times."

We can't help but wonder: is this a model that the rest of Europe will follow, for fear that Vladimir Putin just might launch WWIII?