Google Bans Zoom Software From Company Computers Over Security Concerns

Zoom has had quite a ride over the past few weeks, from darling WFH stock to virtually a piece of malware, as we declared earlier, especially now that attorneys general from at least 27 states have either raised questions or requested more information from Zoom about alleged privacy lapses that look more like negligence - or worse, greed.

And now, Buzzfeed reports that Google has banned employees from using Zoom on company laptops and computers because of the security risks associated with the software, according to internal company emails.

It's unclear why Google allowed employees to use Zoom on company equipment since Google has its own competitor app, Hang. The app has become wildly popular during the quarantine, as people have used it to do "virtual hangouts" including happy hours and workout sessions.

For Google, the math on Zoom is pretty straightforward: It's a competitor, and it could potentially expose company secrets to hackers and "Zoom Bombers".

But though Google of course has an ulterior motive, this certainly isn't a vote of confidence, and if more companies follow suit, that could be all she wrote for Zoom.