GOP Lawmakers: Endless Ukraine Aid "Will Only Prolong The Conflict"

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 21, 2023 - 07:25 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Republican Senators and Representatives have penned a letter to Joe Biden demanding that aid to Ukraine be halted, charging that sending endless amounts of money and military supplies to the country without a clear strategy “will only prolong the conflict.”

“We write to express concern regarding the U.S. response to Ukraine. Over a year ago, Russia launched an invasion that has upended decades of peace in Europe. We are deeply concerned that the trajectory of U.S. aid to the Ukrainian war effort threatens further escalation and lacks much-needed strategic clarity,” the letter signed by 19 lawmakers reads. 

It comes as the White House approved a fresh Ukraine military aid package Wednesday consisting of $325 million worth of battlefield supplies.

“There is no end in sight and no clear strategy to bring this war to a close,” the Senators continued in the letter.

“With every new aid package and every new weapon provided to Ukraine, the risk of direct conflict with Russia climbs,” adds the letter, Signed by Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Lauren Boebert among others.

They further assert that “unlimited arms supplies in support of an endless war” is not a viable solution adding “Our national interests, and those of the Ukrainian people, are best served by incentivizing the negotiations that are urgently needed to bring this conflict to a resolution.”

The latest aid package represents the 36th since the conflict began in February 2022, with the total U.S. military commitment to Ukraine now standing at $35 billion.

Last week, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin went to Ukraine and met with Volodymyr Zelensky.

“It’s our pleasure to be able to get them all the support we possibly can, go back home to America, be able to explain our commitment to basically show the support that we have and the commitment that we have,” Manchin said, adding “To make sure that we are here this entire fight, this entire victory with the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian government.”

“We had great conversations with President Zelensky, we just finished up with him,” Manchin continued, adding “I told him in my lifetime, I have never seen the United States of America in a more just war than this one is. The purpose of America is to defend freedom and basically fight for the democracies that the people have a desire to live in and that’s what we’re doing.”

Just one day before, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported that Zelensky together with senior government officials and thirty-five generals embezzled what the CIA estimates is “at least” $400 million in US aid funds meant to buy diesel fuel for the Ukrainian army:

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