Here's Why These Troubling Trends Mean Mass Chaos Is Likely Coming To The West...

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 - 11:00 AM

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Coming from the murky island of Britain

Sticking with our pasty friends

“The most common risk is localised flooding, according to the government’s risk register, leading to power and water outages. But among the 100 other potential threats people should be prepared for include another pandemic, a mass cyberattack that cuts off the internet, disruption to UK space systems that affect GPS signals — or, in an extreme case, could include conflict or even the potential for a nuclear attack in continental Europe.”

You will note that the British public are being placed on a war footing. This is the psychological preparation for a mass chaos event. I’ve been telling you for ages that the bankers need to eliminate the debt, and I’ve also pointed out that historical examples highlight the risks of the elites losing control of the populace in such situations and in some instances their heads, too.

They know this, and as such have prepared for a means to control what will be millions of impoverished (you’ll own nothing) and very angry (and be happy) citizens. This control mechanism has many facets. “Hate speech,” search and seizure laws, pandemic treaties, CBDCs, and attendant authoritarian control measures, including lockdowns, quarantining citizens, and forced… ahem… how to say this politely, “medical procedures.” The big daddy, of course, is CBDCs.

Where these are implemented, then resistance is quickly squashed. It’s tough to mount a protest when you can’t get on a bus, fill up your car to drive to said protest, or even complain online on social media. If the “hate speech” laws don’t get you, the shutting off of your access to the internet and banking system surely will.

When talking about conscription many people will say, “Oh, but the populace doesn’t have a stomach for it.” The problem is that you could have made the same argument in 1939.

And it’s not only Britain. It’s Denmark, too.

“The reality is that Denmark and our allies are threatened by hybrid war,” Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said during a speech in the town of Allinge. “Each of us should prepare for the fact that, for a short period, we may be without access to electricity or water, or be unable to buy basic necessities.”

Then, over in the land of the free, the same agenda is being rolled out.

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service

“The House of Representatives on Friday approved its version of the annual defense policy bill, effectively clearing the $883.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to move forward in a 217-199 vote which largely fell along party lines. Only three Republicans opposed it.

A number of ‘controversial’ amendments are part of it, setting up a further fight with Democrats as it moves forward, including a measure empowering the National Guard to crack down on the southern border.

But among the most interesting aspects to the bill for Fiscal Year 2025 is an amendment to the NDAA which automatically registers all draft-age male U.S. residents with the Selective Service System.”

At a recent conference in Orlando (Rebel Capitalist Live), I asked the crowd whether they understood that their country (US) was at war with Russia and, by default, China. It’s a topic I’ve spilled a bucket load of digital ink on for years now — the coming civil war in the US as well as the global war that’s now unfolding.

Now, I’m aware this is at least ostensibly an investment newsletter, but the reality is that geopolitics is arguably the most important driver in capital flows and hence investment outcomes.

Furthermore, what good is a sparkling Interactive Brokers account with more green than a Costa Rican jungle if you and or your kids or grandkids are being shipped off to the meat grinder fighting some bankers’ wars designed to accomplish the twin goals of depopulation (Agenda 2030, Rockefeller Foundation, Club of Rome) and enriching the deep state? It’s all kinda pointless. The time to obtain those second passports, residencies, and offshore banking is fast running out. Do with this warning what you will.

Oh, and by the way. The probability that the prepping by multiple countries of their cattle citizens all over the world (US, UK, Germany, Australia, and I’m sure I’m missing others) for conscription is not coordinated is about 0%.

It is obvious to anyone watching the shitshow of US politics and European politics.

The gay mentally ill race communists want to and are taking us all to war. We need to reject them at every level. If we do not, our future is bleak.

Speaking of European politics…

A Firm No!

Let’s see what’s just happened in the last few weeks.

  • France: Marine Le Pen’s party trounced Emmanuel Macron’s party in France, winning 34% of the vote, with Macron calling a snap election.

  • Belgium’s Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, resigned after the right-wing in Belgium made gains.

  • Italy: Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing party is set to win the most seats in Italy.

  • Germany’s ruling coalition was defeated by conservatives, with AFD finishing second.

  • Ireland: Numerous anti-immigration candidates were elected in Ireland.

  • Holland: Geert Wilders’ party in the Netherlands gained many seats to become the second largest party.

  • In Austria, the right-wing FPÖ party doubled their number of seats to become the largest party.

  • In Spain, the right-wing Vox party has become the third largest party with around 10% of the votes.

  • England: Nigel Farage’s Reform Party announced their manifesto:

    • Reject the WEF agenda

    • Cancel WHO membership

    • Reject cashless agenda

    • Laws to stop woke ideology

    • Free speech bill

    • Stop cancel culture

    • Scrap Net Zero

    • Fast-track nuclear energy

    • Support farmers

    • Scrap bans on fossil fuel cars

    • Tax system to support marriage

    • Opposed to CBDCs

This is a clear sign of the anger from the citizens.

To be honest, I’m not sure we’re going to immediately see much change. I think this looks like a grind lower. You see, as long as the bankers (ECB) control the monetary system in Brussels, politics within the member states won’t matter much. The levers of control must be broken and the process to doing so, while now underway, will be a fierce battle. The fragility will come via the currency markets. We’re already seeing massive spreads in the bond markets between EU member states (they never managed to consolidate the bond market in the EU). Next up will be the currency markets (euro), and that almost certainly means capital controls. You’ve been warned.

Practical takeaways? The euro will be the breaking point. It either breaks from inertia or the globalists self-destruct it, but self-destruction won’t happen until they’ve got their precious CBDCs in place.

Why do I say that? Easy! CBDCs ARE capital controls. It is programmable money. The moment they’ve implemented it, they can — at the touch of a button — program your ability to use it to oh… buy a plane ticket to GTFO dodge or send it to any jurisdiction of your liking. Want to fly to your Plan B residence in Fughedabouttheworldistan? “Sorry Sir/Madam, your access to that service is not consistent with the UN’s sustainability goals, you climate killer.”

So in the currency world, the USD benefits, but in reality we’re seeing a repudiation of all fiat. Why is it that all the while that gold keeps making new highs we’ve not even seen institutional buying?

I’ll tell you why. For the same reason Wall Street is going to go down with this ship. They’re filled now with cowards afraid to miss a benchmark. Cowards that are too afraid to tell their masters to eat sand rather than present their preferred pronouns at ESG at DEI meetings. The buying of gold, by the way, is from the central banks of foreign nations.

And it’s not just the last year either.

If you squint hard, you’ll notice that three (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are members of the BRICS countries. Furthermore, Turkey will join BRICS. Watch!

I point this out because, as I’ve been sharing with you for a couple of weeks now, we are watching the emergence of a multipolar world, with a US-centric world on one side and a China-centric world on the other. For the first time ever, BRICS countries’ share of the global economy has surpassed that of the G7 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and US) on a purchasing parity basis.

Gold plays an important role in this multi-polarization. The BRICS need the precious metal to support their currencies and shift away from the US dollar, which has served as the global foreign reserve currency for about a century. More and more global trade is now being conducted in the Chinese yuan, and there are reports that the BRICS — which could eventually include other important emerging economies such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and more — are developing their own medium for payments.

Speaking of which…

Putin confirms Brics’ independent payment system in the pipeline

“Addressing a crowd of 12,000 attendees from more than 100 countries of the world at the 27th annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Putin said such a transaction system would be “unmoved by political pressure, abuse and external sanctions”.

The news came on the back of the president’s announcement that Russia has overtaken Japan to become the fourth largest economy in the world.”

Vlad went on to explain why:

“It is no secret, of course, that the reliability of, and trust in Western payment systems has been thoroughly undermined, and by the Western countries themselves. Together with foreign partners, we will increase the use of national currencies in foreign-trade settlements, and increase the safety and efficiency of such operations through the Brics line.”

The moment that the West nicked Russian assets (ostensibly to give to the cocaine dwarf) was the moment that a global move was put into place for an alternative.

It’ll take a while to be put into place, but it will come. People tend to overestimate things in the short term and underestimate them in the long run.

This is broadly true of technology (the motor car, the telephone, internet), but I think this will be no different. In the short term, the US dollar isn’t going anywhere, despite all the gold bugs screaming for a dollar crash. However, in the longer term, we are witnessing the end of the Western-led financial hegemony… and that is, of course, dollar-based.

I don’t believe we need to play this game of choosing. It’s easy. The alternative is going to need to be reliable and trustworthy. This will mean it’s going to be backed by hard assets. Just buy the hard assets. They’re the cheapest they’ve been in all of history (no kidding), so on a risk/reward basis is a no brainer.

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The Western system is undergoing substantial changes, and the signs of moral decay, corruption, and increasing debt are impossible to ignore. With the Great Reset in motion, the United Nations, World Economic Forum, IMF, WHO, World Bank, and Davos man are all promoting a unified agenda that will affect us all. To get ahead of the chaos, download our free PDF report “Clash of the Systems: Thoughts on Investing at a Unique Point in Time” by clicking here.