Hezbollah Shows Off Israeli Target Bank Of Sensitive Sites In New Video Warning

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 23, 2024 - 04:50 PM

Via The Cradle

Hezbollah released a video titled "To whom it may concern" on Saturday, featuring coordinates of sensitive and vital Israeli targets that would be struck in the event of a war against Lebanon, marking the second such warning within less than a week. 

The video begins with a clip from the latest speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, where he warns that the Lebanese resistance will fight "without limits, rules, or restraints" if Israel wages a war against Lebanon. It then proceeds to show numerous targets across Israel. 

The targets include several sensitive targets in Haifa, the port of Ashdod, the Hadera power station, the Ramat David Military Airport in Afula, Pengrion Airport, Nevatim air base, oil refineries on the coast, and the Research Center at the Dimona Nuclear Reactor

The clip also showed the HaKirya Complex, which includes the headquarters of the Israeli Ministry of Security and the General Staff. Fears are growing in Israel as Tel Aviv has threatened that it is preparing an expanded attack on Lebanon.

Also on Saturday, retired Israeli general Yitzhak Brik said that declaring war on Lebanon would mean "mass suicide for Israel."

The new clip came just a few days after Hezbollah released a nine-minute video of footage filmed by its drones, "…what the hoopoe came back with," which show several sensitive sites in Israel’s north, namely the port of Haifa and the warships and military sites in its vicinity. 

The video also showed buildings belonging to the Israeli Rafael defense technology firm north of Haifa, where air defense missiles for the Iron Dome and David’s Sling systems are manufactured, assembled, and stored.

Below: Hezbollah releases close-up surveillance footage captured recently by its reconnaissance drones, showing sensitive Israeli targets in the north – including Haifa Port, a number of Iron Dome Platforms, and military complexes.

"The Hezbollah video conveys an unequivocal message to Israel, that the party is present inside Israel by the air, land, and sea, and is planning what comes next, and that is capable of carrying out severe strikes," Israel’s Channel 14 news outlet said last week, adding that the filming of this footage is "an Israeli security failure of the first degree … The situation in the north is much worse than we imagine."