Hurricane Forecasters Expect Two Storms To Form In Atlantic Basin This Week

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021 - 05:45 PM

As major Hurricane Sam continues to swirl in the Atlantic and possibly take a northern track that entirely misses the US East Coast, there are two other trouble spots that National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasters are monitoring for tropical development. 

Two tropical waves have emerged off the coast of Africa and are in an environment that favors rapid intensification in the next several days. Water in the Atlantic Basin is 78F, and wind shear is low, a perfect recipe for tropical development. 

NHC wrote on Tuesday morning that Disturbance 1 has a 70% chance of tropical formation in the next 48 hours and an 80% chance over the next five days. Disturbance 2, right behind the first tropical wave, has an 80% chance of formation in the next 48 hours and 90% over the next five days. 

Both systems are likely to move across the Atlantic later this week and become more organized. Disturbance 1 is most likely to move west and may reach the Leeward Islands, where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets the western Atlantic Ocean, by the weekend or early next week. Disturbance 2 has a chance of shifting northwestward and northward over the central Atlantic, where it would be an insignificant concern for any landmasses.

So far, the 2021 hurricane season has produced 19 named storms and could be on track to surpass the record-setting 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which made 30 named storms.