International 1MDB Fugitive Jho Low Spotted In Wuhan

Fugitives are known for traveling to far-flung and infrequently visited locales to escape justice (think: Jesse Pinkman).

But a virus-infested city surrounded by the PLA, local police and roving gangs of state-backed vigilantes doesn't exactly sound like the most appealing locale - even if you've allegedly been provided safe haven by the Chinese state.

For some unexplained reason, Malaysian authorities told the media that they've received intelligence reports claiming that Low was recently "active" in Wuhan, according to Bloomberg.

Jho Low

Malaysian authorities have reportedly told the Kuala Lumpur International airport to monitor for Low in case he tries to flee back to Malaysia to escape the virus. Though we suspect that Low wouldn't be dumb enough to leave China, considering there's an Interpol red notice with his name on it.

"Previously, we did receive intelligence that he was active in Wuhan," Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador said in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, without saying when Low was reported to be in the Chinese city. "I have told Kuala Lumpur International Airport to monitor if he comes back with Covid-19."

Low is the shady financier and former Hollywood producer who allegedly masterminded the pillaging of billions of dollars from 1MDB, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund financed by several bond offerings underwritten by Goldman Sachs (the storied investment bank has reportedly agreed on a settlement with the DoJ, but still faces legal scrutiny in Malaysia).

Low also faces criminal charges in the US, where hundreds of millions of dollars in assets purchased by him with his ill-gotten gains - including jewelry, a yacht, proceeds from the movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street' etc. - have been seized.

Of course, if Low was ever caught, we imagine he'd have some interesting things to say about the senior Goldman execs with whom he met, including former CEO turned twitter armchair political analyst Lloyd Blankfein.

But like they say: It's best to hide where noone goes.