'Irish People Are Being Attacked' - Anti-Immigrant Riots Erupt After Dublin Stabbing Spree

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Nov 24, 2023 - 11:35 AM

A stabbing spree sparked riots in downtown Dublin on Thursday, as anti-immigration ruffians set vehicles ablaze, looted stores and fought police officers. 

The trouble began around 1:40 pm local time in Parnell Square East in downtown Dublin, next to the Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire children's school. The Irish police -- or "garda" -- say three young children and a woman in her 30s were wounded by a knife-wielding man in his 40s. Two were seriously wounded: a five-year-old girl and the adult woman. 

The fiend attacked a group of children queued up as they were moving from one scheduled class to the next. “The kids were out walking. All of a sudden, one of them fell to the ground, then another fell to the ground, then another falls to the ground,” said a witness. 

According to some reports, the wounded woman, a school worker, heroically rushed to defend the five-year-old girl, who was said to have been stabbed in the neck. According to a source anonymously quoted by The Irish Independent

This all happened in a matter of seconds and after her very brave actions another two children suffered superficial stabbing injuries to their chest and shoulder in what was a frenzied incident. She defended those children with all her strength – all that she was doing was trying to protect those little kids and people in what was is a very built up area in the city centre saw what was happening when they passed the school.”

The attack ended when the villain stumbled to the ground and "a load of people jumped on him," said the witness.

Update: A Deliveroo driver -- ironically, an immigrant himself -- put an end to the attack. "I stopped my bike and I don’t know, I acted by instinct...I took off my helmet and hit him with the helmet on the head,” Caio Benicio, who moved from Rio de Janeiro a year ago, told the Irish Independent. "I have two kids myself and I didn’t have time to be afraid, I just acted." A GoFundMe to "buy Caio a pint" in gratitude has already raised more than $180,000. 

The attacker was taken to a hospital to be treated for facial injuries. His wounds were minimized by onlookers who formed a barrier around him to prevent a prolonged beating. 

A Garda spokesman said the early indication was that the stabbing rampage was not an act of terrorism, and officials have yet to identify the attacker or his ethnicity. However, in the immediate wake of the attack, social media was full of posts declaring that the man is Algerian. 

True or false, those rumors prompted angry Irish, some carrying Irish flags, to start raising hell in the vicinity of the attack and other areas too. "Irish people are being attacked by these scum," a protester told AFP, reflecting the attitude of the mob. Chanting anti-immigration slogans, rioters set several vehicles on fire, including a police car, a double-decker bus and a light-rail train. They also attacked cops with fireworks and looted stores. 

"Such rioting is almost unprecedented in Dublin," reported Reuters. "There are no far right parties or politicians elected to parliament, but small anti-immigrant protests have grown in the last year." At the peak of Thursday night's violence, more than 400 Irish police were deployed, including many in riot gear.

Social media users shared video of police cars turning around after being chased by rioters throwing various objects

Videos also circulated purporting to show a Holiday Inn that's been used to house immigrants being vandalized and then set on fire: 

Another video claims to depict rioters attacking a fire truck attempting to respond to the hotel fire: 

The head of Irish police, Drew Harris, attributed the violence to a "lunatic, hooligan faction driven by a far-right ideology" and implied they were inflamed by online misinformationIrish President Micheal Higgins echoed that sentiment. “That [the stabbings] would be used or abused by groups with an agenda that attacks the principle of social inclusion is reprehensible," he said. “[A] thuggish and manipulative element must not be allowed to use an appalling tragedy to wreak havoc," said Irish justice Minster Helen McEntee. 

Ireland took in more than 141,000 immigrants in the 12 months ending in April, the most in 16 years. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ireland has allowed 100,000 Ukrainians into the country, one of the highest per-capita rates in the European Union. 

We should soon learn more about the perpetrator of the stabbings. If he were not an immigrant, you'd think authorities would have raced to say so -- to throw some water on the fiery and not-so-peaceful protesting. Stay tuned...