Islamic Terrorist Who Planned Kalashnikov Attack Arrived In Spain As Illegal Boat Migrant

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 - 11:00 AM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

An Islamic terrorist with ISIS links who planned to carry out a deadly Kalashnikov attack arrived in Spain as an illegal boat migrant, authorities have revealed.

Spanish National Police announced that an Algerian man known as the “Sheikh” arrived in Europe via boat in March last year before heading to Barcelona where he attempted to set up a terrorist cell.

Newspaper El Mundo reports that the cell was exposed after a member started making inquiries about the purchase of Kalashnikov rifles.

Spanish police and the European police agency Europol arrested the five cell members on Wednesday, with four arrests in Barcelona and one in the Spanish capital of Madrid,” reports Breitbart.

“Searches also found other weapons in the possession of the suspects, including machetes and roughly 70 rounds of ammunition.”

Investigators say the Sheikh previously tried to enter ISIS-controlled territory to join the group and then traveled to numerous countries to try to recruit new members for the terror organization.

The Sheikh fraternized with other young Algerians who helped him raise money for the terror plot by robbing tourists in Barcelona, the same city hit by an ISIS attack in 2017 that killed 14 people.

As we previously highlighted, the terrorist who beheaded a woman and killed two others near a church in Nice, France last year was a Tunisian boat migrant.

The attack marked at least the fourth time that migrants arriving in France as “refugees” had gone on to commit terrorism.

The perpetrators of the Paris massacre also entered Europe by exploiting the refugee wave, while the Manchester Arena bomber was also rescued as a ‘refugee’ from Libya by the British Royal Navy.

Following the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, experts warned that ISIS-K is preparing to exploit a new refugee wave to infiltrate terrorists into the west in a repeat of what happened following the previous migrant surge in 2015.

Refugees welcome!

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