Boris Johnson's Former Lover Warns She Will "No Longer Keep His Secrets"

Even with polls showing his conservative party with a plurality as high as 44% ahead of next month's election, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is struggling with a scandal that has come straight out of his past to trip him up with the finish line in sight. According to the Independent, London businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri, who allegedly carried on a years-long affair with the prime minister back when he was mayor of London, is angry with Johnson because she feels he has left her to deal with the fallout from this scandal alone.

After all, Arcuri has found herself at the center of an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, a city agency which has the power to investigate London mayors even after they leave office.

With the investigation puttering on in the background of all this Brexit drama, the public has had other things to focus on in recent months. But Arcuri is getting fed up after months of mistreatment by Johnson, her former beau. Arcuri is questioning why Johnson didn't officially declare their relationship before now, since not doing so has turned into a liability for the PM.

Believing that she has been wronged by Johnson, Arcuri intimated to the press that she would no longer be keeping the PM's secrets.

"I’ve been nothing but loyal, faithful, supportive, and a true confidante of yours. I’ve kept your secrets, and I’ve been your friend," she said.

She insisted that Johnson should have "declared" their relationship to help protect her interests, even though he feared it might "prove controversial. Reports suggest the two dated for as long as 4 years.

She said: “I didn’t know anything about having to declare me.

“Now if you’re asking if he had declared me, would I have preferred that to avoid all of this humiliation? Absolutely."

She claimed the then mayor had been ”worried” about doing so because he feared it would prove controversial.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “Any claims of impropriety in office are untrue and unfounded. We consider these are vexatious and politically motivated attacks from the Labour Party in City Hall.

“Previous vexatious and unfounded allegations against the prime minister have been thrown out by the courts. An independent review by the Government Internal Audit Agency showed the claims made by the Labour Party about Ms Arcuri‘s company were false.

“Given that City Hall has made an unfounded complaint to the IOPC, we will not be making detailed comments until that process has finished. Full assistance has been offered to the IOPC so the matter can be quickly resolved.”

Arcuri said that she was particularly incensed when she tried calling Johnson for advice on handling the media scrutiny, only for him to hang up on her.

Ms Arcuri said she had attempted to contact Mr Johnson in recent weeks to ask for advice on how to deal with the media scrutiny, but that he had hung up on her.

She said: “He heard my voice. And I knew it was him. And he hung up. He said, ‘Yes, hello.’ And I simply asked: ‘Why did you block me?’ I wasn’t calling to cause problems, I just wanted a simple ... acknowledgement for what had happened.”

To be sure, Arcuri remains a sideshow. As Bill Blain said earlier, UK politics is half-way to Hell in a handbasket.

It would be wrong to trust the polls – because it’s not just politicians are lying.  So is the electorate. Everything has been turned on its head.  My chum A, who runs a very successful business and is the very model of a small “c” conservative self-made man is so disgusted by the years of Cameron, May, and now Boris, that he’s actually going to vote for Corbyn on the basis it can’t get any worse.  N – who has been a lifelong falafel-conservative is going to vote Liberal Democrat to save the UK from Brexit. And me? A lifelong champagne socialist who is likely to vote Tory. What a mess… !  Its really not natural.

According to a poll conducted between Nov. 14 and 16, the Conservatives came in first with 42% (+7), Labour second at 28% (-1), Lib Dems third at 13% (-4) and Brexit Party fourth at 5% (-5).