Kim Oversees N.Korea's 12th Missile Launch This Year 'To Improve Tactical Nukes'

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 17, 2022 - 05:00 PM

On Sunday North Korea confirmed launched two short-range missiles off its east coast overnight, which marks the 12th missile test this year, and comes just ahead of South Korean and American forces kicking off annual joint military drills Sunday.

The south's state-run KCNA presented the fresh launches as part of a broader intent to bolster the "defense capabilities and nuclear combat forces.This suggests the projectiles launch could have been nuclear-capable. 

Kim overseeing the test, Image released from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) via KNS, AFP

KCNA described that "new-type tactical guided weapon... is of great significance in drastically improving the firepower of the frontline long-range artillery units and enhancing the efficiency in the operation of tactical nukes," while noting Kim Jong-un had overseen the launch in person.

The state media report added it was part of "important instructions on further building up the defense capabilities and nuclear combat forces of the country".

The missiles fell into the sea Saturday night, Pyongyang indicated, while the Pentagon and US intelligence is said to be analyzing details of the launch...

"South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said it detected two projectiles fired late on Saturday, which flew 110 kilometres (68 miles) at an altitude of 25 kilometres, travelling at speeds of around Mach 4," AFP reported.

Further the Pentagon said that it was "aware of the North Korean statement that they conducted a test of a long range artillery system," according to a statement.