Le Pen Vows To Deport Foreigners Who Push "Totalitarian Ideology" In France

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 13, 2024 - 06:00 AM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

National Rally leader Marine Le Pen has vowed to shut down radical mosques and deport Islamists with dual nationality in her first major speech after winning the EU elections in France.

“Give me one reason, only one, to keep on our territory foreigners who collaborate with a totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French?” Le Pen told a raucous crowd.

Laying out her manifesto on the subject of mass migration, Le Pen asserted, “Dual nationals connected to the Islamist ideology must be stripped of the nationality & expelled.”

“The French who adopt the ideology of the enemy must be brought before justice & punished,” she added, demanding, “The laws exist, they just need to be applied. These laws will be applied without weakening.”

Revealing that she would also put a stop to the flood of illegal boat migrants heading to England from France, Le Pen vowed, “Radical mosques will be shut down, hate preachers expelled. Salafism & the Muslim Brotherhood will be dissolved.”

She also promised that the safety of women would be ensured and that the new measures would not impinge on the rights of ordinary law-abiding citizens.

“With me the security will not go against liberty, in any case, not against the liberty of honest people,” said Le Pen.

The crowd who attended the speech burst out into chants of “Marine President” during the speech.

As we highlighted earlier, the first poll conducted after the EU elections shows Le Pen is very likely to beat Macron and form a relative majority government after the final round of voting on July 7th.

However, with the recent announcement of an alliance with the center-right Republicans (LR), she could very well obtain an absolute majority.

Observers say this could force Macron to resign and would put Le Pen in an excellent position to win the presidency in 2027.

Expect much more rioting and disorder from French leftists who claim they are protesting against the results of a democratic vote to ‘save democracy’.

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