Blankfein Slammed For Tweeting It May Soon Be Time To Consider Reopening The Economy

Is this the final straw that will push "life-long Democrat" Lloyd Blankfein to finally cross the aisle?

In addition to enjoying retirement (especially now that the Feds appear to have reached a settlement with his former employer that doesn't involve clawing back millions of dollars in Blankfein comp), the former Goldman CEO has occasionally chimed in on twitter to offer his two cents on contemporary politics and other issues. 

On Sunday night, Blankfein chimed in again, opining on an issue of great sensitivity: when will it be appropriate for the healthy to start venturing back out to their jobs?

While politicians like Andrew Cuomo and subject-matter experts like Dr. Fauci warn that this is going to be a lengthy shutdown, and the White House scrambles to push through the second part of an economic aide package that will compensate those who can't work during this period, Democrats have, interestingly enough, emerged as the obstructionists blocking the Trump Administration from handing out checks to working Americans.

It's become a political consensus view that the federal government must step in with a massive fiscal package, far eclipsing anything that took place during the response to the financial crisis, to stop a twin economic and financial shock from driving the world into a global recession.

But the length of that support, given the damage the Trump Administration has already done to the federal deficit, is quickly becoming a subject of debate.

And - surprise, surprise - the progressive Democrats on the far left believe the federal government should place the public welfare above all else and keep cutting checks to out-of-work Americans until the end of the year - GDP figures be damned.

Others believe the healthy among us should be comfortable with returning to work after a few weeks, even as Andrew Cuomo warns that this could last until the end of the year, perhaps even longer.

Unsurprisingly, Blankfein falls into this latter category:

The response was swift, and overwhelmingly negative, as Democrats slammed the arch-capitalist for having the audacity to worry about the economy at a time like this:

What's Blankfein doing tweeting when he could take his fortune and use it to open a few drive thru testing clinics?

If Blankfein can't find a good use for his money, the government could probably find a use for it.

The real hard-core lefties refuse to acknowledge that communism even happened, while using Blankfein and examples like this to denigrate the economic system that brought them everything. Really makes ya think.

It looks like Joe Biden has got the nomination sowed up. But will Blankfein stick around and keep cutting checks once he starts burning billionaires in effigy at his rallies?