Machete-Wielding Man Arrested In Central Paris As France Braces For Copycat Attacks

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020 - 09:41 AM

France is in a continued state of 'high security alert' after a series of Islamist terror attacks rocked the country leaving multiple innocent bystanders dead and wounded. Other European countries too have increased security given the latest mass shooting by jihadists roving the streets and randomly killing in a Jewish neighborhood of Vienna Monday night. 

And now on Tuesday French police descended on a hotel to apprehend a man who had been seen walking the streets of central Paris wielding a machete. Local reports said the man barricaded himself inside the building.

Multiple witnesses had called police when at around 11:30am they saw "a man armed with a machete in the corridors of the Metro at Père-Lachaise station," according to a Paris police spokesman.

The incident was enough for police to shut down the entire street after the man was seen entering a hotel. The hotel was surrounded with snipers positioned on surrounding buildings.

It's unclear at this point if he attempted to attack or swing it at anyone, but it understandably caused momentary panic in the area, given last month's beheadings. So far there's been no reports of victims, while police said the investigation is ongoing.

One eyewitness was cited in a UK media report as saying:

"There's a guy walking through the halls of Père Lachaise with a machete. I watched my life pass, not knowing if I should stay in the metro or run back."

No doubt police are taking no chances and it's likely that anyone seen brandishing a weapon in public, especially something like a long blade or sword, will trigger a full emergency SWAT response. 

On Monday night four people were killed in Vienna when terrorists began random killings in the center of the city. One gunman was still at large hours after the terror attack and was being pursued by police and military.

Some reports are suggesting the man apprehended in central Paris was prepared to possibly carry out a 'copycat' attack.