Venezuela Forces Raid Juan Guaido's Apartment Building, "Threaten" Arrest

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jul 12, 2021 - 04:40 PM

Since the tail-end of the Trump administration the intensity of Washington efforts to prop up the Venezuelan opposition has waned, and at the same time external supporters of Caracas like Russia appear to have stepped up efforts at maintaining the international legitimacy of the Nicolas Maduro government - even as Biden has quietly continued the Trump policy (since 2019) of deeming Juan Guaido 'interim' or de facto president (despite him not actually ruling anything). 

After this period of relative quiet, opposition leader Juan Guaido says Maduro's security forces are now looking to detain him once again. He issued a statement Monday saying security forces had departed his apartment building after "threatening" him with arrest. His wife, Fabiana Rosales, had earlier said that security forces had entered their apartment building in an attempt to detain him.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido 

A group of reporters quickly gathered at his apartment building following the security forces' departure, where he issued the statement of the "threatened" arrest. "The harassment and the threats will not stop us," he told reporters outside the residential complex. 

While they didn't move on Guaido just yet, which would have triggered international condemnation as possible significant action out of Washington, it soon after reported that prominent opposition lawmaker and Former First Vice President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Freddy Guevara was taken into custody.

He was reportedly taken to the Helicoide prison in Caracas, according to an opposition spokesperson said. Reuters writes of the developing story that "Guevara had earlier posted a video of himself in his car on social media stating that security forces were attempting to arrest him on a Caracas highway."

All of this strongly suggests that socialist strongman Maduro is ready to belatedly move of "Washington's man in Caracas" and his network of supporters.

While Biden has been relatively silent on Venezuela - especially when compared to Trump's prior many bellicose and threatening statements, today's events could force the Biden White House to belatedly weigh in more forcefully.