A Massive Global Restructuring Is Underway... Here's What It Means For Europe

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 06, 2023 - 10:00 AM

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Several shifts in alliances and bifurcations are happening right now which are going under the radar.

Hungary out of the EU?

We’ve long said that Hungary was going to leave the EU. It is just a question of time.

The daily news announced that “hundreds of high-ranking military officers sacked in Hungary”. From the article:

Multiple Hungarian media outlets reported that Hungary’s defense minister sacked hundreds of high-ranking military officers. The people concerned have two months to leave and will get 70 percent of their current salaries as a pension-like allowance even if they continue to work. The minister says the move served the rejuvenation and modernisation of the army. The opposition believes the government fired pro-NATO officers.

To be clear, I don’t know if this is true. But as with most things, you piece together multiple bits of information and a picture forms providing probabilities. It is with these probabilities that we begin to price outcomes and assets accordingly. Where most probable outcomes coincide with cheap or expensive asset classes is where we find asymmetry.

So what we do know is that Hungary has been against the Ukraine war from the get go.

Orban has been a thorn in the EU’s side, refusing to bow to ever increasing levels of control and mismanagement. He is extraordinarily popular at home and this has the pointy shoes in Brussels in a tizz. How dare he?

The article goes on to explain the mass sacking.

The ministry says this move served the aim to modernise the army and pave the way to the rise of a new officer generation. Media reports about more than a hundred generals, colonels and other high-ranking officers sent away. Meanwhile, the former defence secretary and the Democratic Coalition’s MP, Ágnes Vadai, counted around 170 officers on Thursday. She added the officers sent away were pro-NATO.

What may have prompted this? Well, I did note this…

This guy with the dress sense of a circus clown just resigned.

He is — or should I say was — advisor to Zelensky’s chief of staff.

A recent article announced that Oleksiy Arestovich resigns as advisor to Zelensky’s office

Oleksiy Arestovich submitted his resignation from the position of external adviser to the office of the president of Ukraine.

“I want to show an example of what civilized behavior is: a fundamental error, then resignation,” he wrote on his social media, attaching a photo of his letter.

After his resignation he went on political analyst Yuri Romanenko’s Youtube channel and had this to say.

I’m an unofficial person already, I can say what I want.

Then having said that, spat this out…

If everyone thinks that we are guaranteed to win the war, it seems very unlikely.

This is particularly interesting since the former actor (I know right, it’s like the entire cabinet are actors) coined the name. I’d say propagandist but whatever.

His job, as far as I can tell, was to run a Youtube channel, which earned him the nickname “Therapist-in-Chief” and was devoted to assuring Ukrainians that the situation was under control, Ukraine had the upper hand, and that the war would be over soon. So basically a professional liar. A Ukrainian version of the BBC and CNN.

So as you can see, quite a turnaround for the “everything’s under control” kid. I guess the cocaine dwarf didn’t funnel enough of the Western taxpaying serfs’ money through Europe’s laundromat to him in order to keep up the charade. Or he quite possibly actually fears for his life because at some point a Russian bullet may exit the back of his head. Who knows?

Largest Number of Politicians are in Ukraine. But at whose expense?

ZeroHedge highlighted the wave of rats jumping ship… urgh, I mean “resignations.”

And I know what you’re thinking. “Where did they get all the money from?”

It is a good question.

The Zelensky regime thanks you, American taxpayers, for your service. Lambos and French villas don’t just land in your pocket on their own, ya know.

So there are at least two things to consider here. A top Ukraine official acknowledged what we’ve been saying all along — that the mighty Ukrainian military is NOT about to win. On the contrary, they’re getting hammered. A meat grinder.

And now Hungary is preparing. For what?

Well, what is the step for the US… urgh, I mean Ukraine when they’re winning so hard that Russia will be in control by spring?

The US/NATO/EU certainly cannot lose. Why? Because the harm to the US military hegemony would be a game changer. The rest of the world and all the military intelligence, from Delhi to Beijing to Ankara and even Tel Aviv, knows full well this is a US war.

So what do they do? If their previous actions are anything to go by, they ramp up the conflict, attempting to ensure other so-called participants “HAVE TO” join. This was what the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline was designed to do. To cut off all options, forcing Germany in particular to follow Washington’s policy.

Now, ahead of time, Orban is preempting a declaration of war by NATO. Hungary wants no part in this, but under their current NATO and EU membership they’d be obliged regardless.

Is Orban prepping for the time when he has to take his country out of the EU and out of NATO? If he was to do that (and I’m not saying that this is what he’s doing, merely that it is a logical and possible explanation), then he’d get rid of all the pro-NATO military because, by golly, he’s going to need a strong ideological position domestically within the military if he is to succeed in doing so. He’d almost certainly understand that the CIA would be active in promoting a “colour revolution” that would appear out of nowhere like a military myocarditis.

In a recent speech Orban had this to say:

The West violated Central Europe’s 1000 year old borders and history. It has pushed us to indefensible limits. Deprived of our natural resources. Cut off from natural resources. Made our country a house of mourning. They redrew the borders of Central Europe without moral concerns. Just as they drew the borders of Africa and the Middle East. This we will never forget.


Aristotle, 2,500 years ago, wrote a book on the constitutions of Greece. He wrote, “All these constitutions call themselves democracies, but they are really oligarchies.”

Look around you and tell me that today’s so-called democracies are not run by a financial oligarchy. Many call it the deep state, but what exactly is the deep state? It is a financial oligarchy.

What else? Well, I think the euro is F.U.K.T (fragile, useless, korrupt, and terminal). So there’s that, but you know what else I’ll be looking out for? Should this indeed be the case, then when or if Hungary announces its exit, I expect Hungarian assets to immediately be sold by European institutions, not because they necessarily disagree but because everything has become so politicized that holding assets of Hungary would be immediately deemed “unpatriotic” and/or sanctioned. So we’ll wait for that to play out and then go hunting and probably buy the snot out of Hungary. If they can extract themselves from the WEF puppets, then there is hope.

I do realize that Hungary is a tiny landlocked country and really this works only where it gains momentum as/if others join. Serbia? Quite possibly. Italy under Maloni? Sure, I can see that, though for reasons stated other than the Russkie angle. Croatia, sensing the tide turning? I wouldn’t discount it.

So as you can see, lots going on and lots to keep our beady eye on. For now, get out of the euro if you are long and realize that as screwed as the dollar is, it looks positively glorious compared to the klustafuk that is Europe and the euro.

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